ATF Bars Agent’s Book On “Fast and Furious” Because It Would Lower Morale

200px-US-AlcoholTobaccoFirearmsAndExplosives-Seal.svgThe officials at Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) appear to have added books as an imminent threat to safety. Agent John Dobson has reportedly been blocked by the ATF from publishing a book on Operation Fast and Furious. Dobson blew the whistle on the disastrous operation that led to the sale of 2,000 guns to Mexican drug cartels, including one used to kill Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry in December 2010. The reason? The book would embarrass the ATF.

Dodson’s book, titled “The Unarmed Truth,” provides his account of trying to stop the operation and is scheduled to be published by Simon & Schuster. He submitted the book for review and it should not have been a problem since much of the operation has been made public through congressional and media reports. However, he was reportedly told by Greg Serres, an ATF ethics official, that any of his supervisors at any level could disapprove outside employment “for any reason.” Serres is quoted as saying “This would have a negative impact on morale in the Phoenix Field Division and would have a detremental effect [sic] on our relationships with DEA and FBI.”

It appears that the ATF folks are in a vulnerable place these days, particularly after a report finding the agency conducted dozens of unauthorized undercover investigations into illicit cigarette sales, misused $162 million in profits, and lost track of at least 420 million cigarettes. However, would’t a far greater morale buster be for the agency leadership to stop doing remarkably stupid acts? Just think how good morale would be then.

22 thoughts on “ATF Bars Agent’s Book On “Fast and Furious” Because It Would Lower Morale”

  1. Nick’s comment is hilarious.

    Oh, and, the ATF is a lawless gang of rogue government officials who should all probably be locked up themselves for destroying so many lives. Or at least fired/disbanded. Not to mention trampling the Constitution.

  2. Source for this post: Washington Times

    Leading to a combo of Darryl Issa, Chuck Grassley who wrote forwards for the book.

    THAT’s Entertainment!

  3. It appears that with government, if we the People allow one right to be usurped, it opens to the door for all rights to be treated with distain by those in power. Um, it also appears our founding fathers were smarter than many believe. If you look at all the abrogations of the Constitution that have occurred throughout our history, it has been a gradual assault on the our inalienable rights to where we now awake with few of the intact.

  4. The Ministry of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Truth

    By Rita Cant, Attorney, ACLU at 11:16am


    “”Americans need and deserve truthful information about what the government is doing, particularly where the activity infringes on individual rights,” said ACLU Policy Counsel Mike German, who – like Dodson – endured years of internal retaliation after blowing the whistle on dangerous federal law enforcement policy.

    That’s why protecting Agent Dodson’s right to speak should be a priority issue for civil libertarians, regardless of political stripe. “I don’t care if you’re on the left or the right. At the end of the day, we have a right to know and talk about what law enforcement agencies do in our name,” said Agent Dodson.

    Given the national importance of both the Fast and Furious operation and ATF practices more broadly, the ATF should correct its mistake by approving Agent Dodson’s publication request, and by changing its policy to reflect the Constitutional principle that government needs a damn good reason to shut down employee speech.”

  5. Kraaken, Bingo on Waco. The ATF got their assess kicked and then the FBI murdered children. Nothing embarrassing about all that! And, we saw it all on TV.

  6. Seems like a simple agent author, will now have to become a whistleblower instead, in order to reveal the mismanagement of his agency.

    Wonder what they do to whistleblowers?

  7. “This would have a negative impact on morale in the Phoenix Field Division and would have a detremental effect [sic] on our relationships with DEA and FBI.” ~ Greg Serres, ATF ethics official

    Negative impact on morale and deleterious relations with FBI/DEA are code for covering up acts of mal/mis/nonfeasance on behalf of the ATF.

    Fire up the Gutenberg!

  8. JT: ” The reason? The book would embarrass the ATF.”

    I see. And Waco DIDN’T?

  9. “I am sure that was Obama’s fault too.”

    Obama, as Satan whispered into Pilates ear and had Jesus crucified. David heard it on FOX News which is fair and balanced.

  10. Somewhere, Herr Gobbles is smiling.

    Because everyone knows the truth shall set you free is inconvenient and a morale crusher.

  11. The ATF have been the cowboys of Fed law enforcement since I first had contact w/ them in the 70’s. But, to say agencies in the Federal government, including but not limited to the Justice and Treasury Dept., have not become more “Chicago Way” the last 5 years, is simply to deny the obvious. “Killing the messenger” seems to be the best way to characterize the OS response to his nemesis.

  12. David,
    Give it a rest. This has been going on for decades. Ever since the government realized reporting the truth during the Vietnam war was bad for political ambitions, they have tried to muzzle reporting. This agent is not the first and won’t be the last. In 1938, member of Parliament Sir Duncan Sandys stood up on the floor of Parliament and asked several pointed questions about military readiness. Shortly afterward, some unsmiling men in black suits paid him a visit, and if he had not been an MP with immunity, he would have been sent to the Tower for a long stay. The direct result of Sir Duncan’s questions was passage of the Official Secrets Act.

    I am sure that was Obama’s fault too.

  13. Remarkable how few federal agencies display any awareness of either the Bill of Rights, or the principles of our republic.

  14. I saw this story on Fox News yesterday. Our federal government has clearly shifted their mindset since Obama took office. He sets the tone for these agencies, and between the IRS debacle and this, our freedoms are being stripped away piece by piece. Here the government assumes to dictate what a person can publish? Add the situation at the White House where an unarmed black woman is ordered to be shot to death, our very lives are in danger. Welcome to the new society of government tyranny that President Obama has created.

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