Illinois Police Throw Woman Face First Into Concrete Bench Then Charge Her With Resisting Arrest

CassandraFeuerstein-300x171There is a disturbing video out of Skokie, Illinois where Cassandra Feuerstein is shown being thrown face first into a concrete bench by officers after her arrest for DUI. Feuerstein, 47, is suing for the alleged abuse, which included four deputies stripping her and leaving her in a cell without her clothes. Several bones were broken in her face.

Feuerstein was arrested for DUI after officers found her pulled over at the side of the road and asleep behind the wheel. The video below shows a calm Feuerstein who asks to call her husband and kids. Officer Michael Hart calls her out of the cell, and less than 20 seconds later, the video shows Hart throwing the 110-pound woman back into the cell — face-first into a cement bench.

A police report says that Feuerstein was not looking at the camera when being processed and then charged her with resisting arrest while being brought back to the cell. The subsequent charge raises obvious concerns. We have previously seen where, after an abusive arrest or seizure of property, police will add charges against the alleged victim. Notably, in this case, the State’s Attorney later dropped the resisting arrest charges and Feuerstein pleaded guilty to drunk driving. What is not clear is if the prosecutors saw this video and failed to take any actions. There is no report of any discipline for the officers.

The police report states that the resisting arrest charge was based on the grounds that Feuerstein “knowingly resisted … in that she pulled away from (the officer) and placed both her hands on the sides of the cell door all in an attempt to not be placed into the holding cell.” That charge appears entirely spurious and abusive and reads like a transparent effort to coerce a victim into silence in hopes of a plea deal. Yet, again, the officer does not appear to have been disciplined and the prosecutors took no action other than dropping the obviously baseless charge.

Neither the police chief nor the city would make any comment. The pictures and video below however speak for themselves.


Source: NBC

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  1. I forgot to say that after I way “let go” prior to blood pressure being in the 30/150 range I was threated to eat or I would continue to stay in a cell. I also begged the next day for sugar – it was past 12:00 and my case was dismissed with no bond.

    They threw me in yet another cell and I begged for juice with sugar as was having a seizure.

    Some girl, an inmate of some sorts tried to push her juice to me. I couldn’t reach it. After hours of screaming the man threw 3 packets of food on the floor for me to eat like a dog.

    Thankfully the sugar in the juice helped me until they released me with a complete dismissal and NO CHARGES.

    The woman who checked me in put her fingers in between my vagina lips. It was un real. DEAR GOD help these people.

  2. I’m so tired I have to rest before comment. I was picked up on a “Dolmestic” never been arrested in my life. I called because a 5 ft 11 50 pound ex boyfriend said he had a “scratch on his neck”. I had already reported as he hit my face and eye to the point of swollen.

    They came back and arrested me (a single mother) who is 5’2 and 110 pounds. I was forced to drink toliet water and have low blood sugar so barely survied was was dismissed.

    They handcuffed me and my children had to go to a neighbor who is a fireman. He was applalied at the incident. As I had reported the “beadbeat dad” prior and needed help.

  3. A real tough guy throwing a 100 pound woman into a concrete slab.

    This thug needs to go to Prison for a while and he can show how tough he is with the guys he’ll be having lunch with.

    As for hero’s – we’ll see how they testify when they take the witness stand when this cop is charged.

    IMHO – it is just as likely that they realized this was ALL being filmed – they could do nothing about it and figured they better look as good as possible once the lawsuits started up.

  4. Photina, what heroes? I didn’t see any heroes. Which one of those heroes promptly arrested the person who assaulted the woman? Which one of the heroes suspended the person without pay who assaulted the woman, to ensure this would not happen to someone else?

    Seems to me your heroes were just working to protect one of their own. Nothing more.

  5. Don’t blame the police or authoritarianism for these incidents. Blame movies and the moviemakers. This scene from A Clockwork Orange (1971), based on the novel by Anthony Burgess, is responsible for the police acting the way they do. When scenes like this are shown in movies, the police are compelled to replicate them. (However, interestingly, the police are not compelled to replicate acts of kindness and valor in the line of duty when those scenes are shown in the movies, for some unknown reason.)

  6. An average person on the street would be charged with assault and battery of high and aggravated nature with a sentence of 10 years in prison for broken bones. He pull her arms back and launched her forward. He deserves to be fired and charges brought!

  7. What bothers me most is all these comments. I saw ONE monster throw that woman into the bench and then at least FIVE heroes, gently handle the situation, getting her onto a gurney for proper medical treatment. One man even cradled her comfortingly in his arms, which is how a MAN handles a woman who has been badly hurt.

    I saw way more heroes than monsters and no appreciation for righteousness. How can we POSSIBLY handle the few rogue cops if we have no appreciation for the good ones?

    1. If I had been one of the COPS standing there. I would have grabbed that S.O.B. and split his head open, period.

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  9. LK

    so a u s city operates an intelligence organization outside the jurisdiction of not only their city limits, but outside the state where the city is located?

    my question would be, have they gone international yet?

    this would be a great topic for a guest blogger (hint,hint,hint).

  10. The cops in Park Forest who murdered the 95 year old WWII vet because he did not want to go to a doctor are the worst person this blog in a year.

  11. Skokie and Park Forest are both in Cook County and of course both are under the same federal prosecutor. Neither case will get a look from either a County Grand Jury or a Federal Grand Jury and all perps will keep on keepin on in Chi Town.

  12. That Policeman was wrong shoving that Women in too that hard bench. It was in call for. At lest I’m not too stupit too do a thing like that! He must hate Women.

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