Shut Up And Eat: New York Restaurant Bars Conversation By Patrons

220px-MahavratasIt seems that restaurants are struggling to find any novel fad to gain recognition but this one has been baffled.  People get together with friends for a Friday night dinner and they go to Brooklyn’s “Eat” restaurant where they are promptly told that they must eat their meal in silence.  Could be a bit rough on a first date.

However, it would be perfect for estranged or hostile couples.

“Eat” restaurant chef Nicholas Nauman is quoted as saying (presumably not in his restaurant) that he was inspired to ban talking after spending time with Buddhist monks in India. He might have needed a little more time with the monks who would have asked him if he was planning an ashram or an eatery. Nauman insists however that silence will allow people to focus on the food. It is an incredible food-centric (if not ego-centric) view since most people view the dining experience as being to interact with other people and not just their dishes. Indeed, some people like to talk about the meal. I am not clear how one orders but I assume pointing and grunting is allowed for the $40 cost for 4 courses.

I assume that, with a smoking area outside, there will be a conversation area where you can take your date to say that you are having a really good time.

The biggest problem however is that the restaurant can hardly rely on the usual “word of mouth” to attract customers, at least not in the restaurant itself.

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  3. I wonder If Cell Phones were banned in all restaurants….. That’d be nice….

  4. Do people who cannot prove sexual repression leads to rape want me to prove it does not?

    Sheesh. What a bunch of fundie leftists.

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