South Carolina Police Officer Charged After Handcuffing and Allegedly Assaulting Woman In Bar After Being Rebuffed

23698228_BG1The Richland County Sheriff’s Deputy Paul Allen Derrick has been fired after a video was put on YouTube showing him handcuffing a woman after an argument with her in a Columbia, South Carolina restaurant. The police report says that Derrick approached the woman but that 23-year-old Brittany Ball showed no interest in him. They then got into an argument. Things then went from bad to worst as the video below vividly demonstrates.

Ball is in the military.

Derrick was not in uniform and was drinking alcohol. During the argument, he left the restaurant and bar and retrieved handcuffs from his vehicle. He then overpowered Ball and slammed her into a table.

Paul Allen Derrick, 49, would later be charged with assault. Several times in the video Derrick yells “soldier standup” at Ball and he also makes reference to being a former Marine.

Source: WISTV

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33 thoughts on “South Carolina Police Officer Charged After Handcuffing and Allegedly Assaulting Woman In Bar After Being Rebuffed”

  1. toto…
    One of the first things to remember about dealing with an armed drunk is, remember you are dealing with an armed drunk. That situation could easily have resulted in a fatality.

  2. toto – the concerned citizens would have been assassinated for interfering with a LEO and the cop would not have been charged for those killings. The sheeple know this and that’s why they didn’t intervene.

  3. and the sheeple just stand there gawking like pussies not doing anything,acting all submissive…This is why this happens…Now if a few of the ‘men’ or ‘women’ would recognize an injustice and stand up…this would not have happened!!

  4. Finally….. But then again… How many times are police reports inconsistent with real life facts….

  5. Dear Ed,

    That force is attempted is without doubt but the courageous (children of God) may successfully resist. “Suffer the little [courageous] children to come unto me, for such is the Kingdom of God.”

  6. Forced association. Gotta love it. Before you know it there will be people forcing you to join a club in which the members are called “citizens”. Oh wait….

  7. Unfortunately, if this hadn’t been filmed and released into the wild that cop would still be on the job.

    He was up to no good when he went outside to get his a badge and gun; absent that he would have gotten a azz-woopi’n. Once he got the badge and gun it was apparent that he had a license to kill and no good for anyone would come from anything but publicizing his bad acts.

    Excellent comments Annemarie and MableMable; I got here late and enjoyed the reading.

  8. roflmao@opjustice guess you left your sarcasm meter at home when you read and then responded to mike s post of all the men on this blog i can honestly say

    mike s
    gene h
    otteray scribe
    and nick s

    are more then fair when it comes to us ladies and i believe with everything in me had any of the above gentlemen been there. old baldy with the pathetic feelings would have been laid out with a couple of round houses.

    reading is fundamental next time read twice and then again before posting

  9. OpJustice…
    Did you check your snark meter at the door? Mike was laying the sarcasm on pretty thick there.

  10. I find the comment of the gentleman Mr Spindell is either blind or didn’t watch the video. She does absolutely nothing wrong. She does nothing that any one of us wouldn’t do when we feel our rights are completely and utterly being infringed upon. She says repeatedly in the video ” what did I do sir?” So obviously she is totally unaware of what is going on and he still is treating her like crap. The sheer suggestion that she was being arrested(falsely) for being in the army is disgusting at best. In my many years as a forensic video examiner I have never seen such blatant miscarriage of justice. He appears to rest his hand on her chest as if hes restraining her from the front and back. Does this make any sense? NO way. I hope that the prosecutor will do the right thing here and not only charge him with assault, but get him for false imprisonment, sexual assault, sexual harassment, civil rights violations, and much more. I think any lawyer in his right sound mind would look at this case and take it for nothing and get this guy put where he deserves to be put. In a cell with another monster just like him. We need to lift up people like Ms. Ball and let them know they are not alone in their struggle to understand what makes people act like this , especially those that swear to an oath to serve and protect, not to abuse and defile with their sick agendas.

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