South Carolina Police Officer Charged After Handcuffing and Allegedly Assaulting Woman In Bar After Being Rebuffed

23698228_BG1The Richland County Sheriff’s Deputy Paul Allen Derrick has been fired after a video was put on YouTube showing him handcuffing a woman after an argument with her in a Columbia, South Carolina restaurant. The police report says that Derrick approached the woman but that 23-year-old Brittany Ball showed no interest in him. They then got into an argument. Things then went from bad to worst as the video below vividly demonstrates.

Ball is in the military.

Derrick was not in uniform and was drinking alcohol. During the argument, he left the restaurant and bar and retrieved handcuffs from his vehicle. He then overpowered Ball and slammed her into a table.

Paul Allen Derrick, 49, would later be charged with assault. Several times in the video Derrick yells “soldier standup” at Ball and he also makes reference to being a former Marine.

Source: WISTV

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  1. PSmith: Although I empathize with your sentiment, we should protect a prisoner from assault, regardless of what the alleged offense is. Our prisons are a hotbed of sexual assaults. And that’s morally and ethically wrong.

  2. AnneMarie: Thank you for your comment. If you hadn’t said it, I would have. You don’t mess with an inebriated person with a gun unless the situation is more severe. And sounds like the bystanders had phoned the police.

  3. Punk needs a big beating. Big bullies need to beat the bully. To a bloody pulpit.

  4. What if the woman’s father walked up and shot him when he walks out of court. Play the video to the jury. Temporary insanity.

  5. AnnMarie, You’re well trained, but they can’t teach common sense or street sense. The former you’re born w/ and I think the common sense gene is regressing. Street sense must be learned, on the street, not in a book, classroom or peer reviewed study. You got both.

    As a soldier, you know you’re no good to your brothers and sisters if you’re dead..”SO DON’T DO ANYTHING STUPID” as Lt. Dan told Private Gump. I look forward to more comments as I know some others here also do. Juliet served time. In the service, I should say..Juliet served time in the service.

  6. Thanks, Nick. I look in here from time to time but this is my first comment here.

    As an aside, the “I will win…” quote above was taken nearly verbatim from a a comment I read that was from a SWAT officer, only he put it in terms of “We will win…”

    That is something to take into serious consideration when dealing with LE, even if the officer is drunk and displaying preposterously bad judgment. The ‘win at all costs’ and ‘I am in charge’ mentality can lead to really, really bad outcomes for anyone who interferes, even if the officer is engaged in egregiously illegal conduct. IMO, interference should only be attempted if death or severe physical injury are imminent for a victim.

    Also, the unimpaired officers showing up will AUTOMATICALLY back up the officer on the scene unless they are given very good reason not to do so. It is best to GIVE THEM THOSE REASONS with the video evidence as the soldier did with his video.

    If they think for one moment you assaulted an officer, things will go badly for you and it can take weeks or months before the truth comes out at that point.

  7. AnnMarie, Great comment. Thanks for your service and hope you stick around. We need diversity here desperately.

  8. I understand some other soldiers were there with her (including the guy filming). Speaking as former soldier, there is not much in the way of SOP to deal with a drunk LE officer who has a gun and a badge and is already showing really bad judgment. They did the best thing in calling the local cops asap and keeping the video recorders rolling since he hadn’t done anything (yet) to demonstrate an actual threat to life and limb.

    Interfering in an arrest…even an illegal arrest, is a great way to get dead very quickly. The cop’s attitude is “I will win, and I will do anything and escalate force to any degree necessary to win.”

    If the situation has not degraded to the point that you really do have to make a life and death decision regarding yourself or your friend/buddy/date…stay calm, record everything and try to defuse the confrontation wherever possible. An excellent example of this can be seen on video from a few years ago when an Iraq veteran MP was put down on the ground with his friend by a belligerent San Bernardino County deputy who ended up shooting the friend in the back while he tried to comply with a command. The MP showed remarkable composure in a deadly situation and was constantly trying to calm the deputy down. Fortunately, the victim survived and the deputy was fired, although he was found not guilty of various charges at trial.

    Any service members reading this: Stay safe and watch your friend’s backs, regardless of what branch they are in. This especially applies wherever alcohol is involved!

  9. Addendum:

    There are idiots out there who claim “rape culture doesn’t exist” or that it’s not as bad as it actually is. I’ve read idiots saying, “it’s only rape culture when women are being raped”, and will claim that the pi…uh, “cop’s” actions weren’t indicative of rape culture.

  10. Being charged isn’t enough. Let’s handcuff Derrick and stick him in a cell with someone whose advances he’s not interested in. And what happens when those advances are rebuffed.

  11. The patrons may have been hesitant in helping as the officer also retrieved his handgun from the car. As it was the video was of help in providing evidence to the arriving local police. The officer’s chief of course tried to protect his officer.

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    A sense of immunity and a lack of personal responsibility along with feeling like they are above the law and superior to ordinary citizens carries over into the off-duty personal lives of many young officers.

  13. Clearly the woman was trying to attack him while he was lawfully discharging his duty and should also be charged with resisting arrest. It’s so hard being a Deputy these days. His life was in danger and he reacted with reasonable force. Who are you going to believe a police officer, or you lying eyes.

  14. That would have been a one minute video in many bars. I don’t understand the group think of the customers or management that allowed this intense personal violation of this woman to continue.
    ….. Or is this the mating dance of the copper headed cement brain blue cretins. …. What would have happened if he threw her in the back of his pick up truck. Would the customers have thrown rice?

  15. If only this was an isolated incident but we all know police officers are not above using their power and position inappropriately and violently.

  16. Your Right of Defense Against Unlawful Arrest
    “Citizens may resist unlawful arrest to the point of taking an arresting officer’s life if necessary.” Plummer v. State, 136 Ind. 306. This premise was upheld by the Supreme Court of the United States in the case: John Bad Elk v. U.S., 177 U.S. 529.

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