Dallas Man Accuses Police Of Opening Fire On Him After He Opened His Front Door After He Previously Refused To Be Questioned

n-DAVID-BLAIR-largeThere is a troubling case out of Dallas where David Blair said that he opened the door to his apartment only to be met with a hail of gunfire from police. The Dallas Police Department reportedly told him that he caused the response by shining of flashlight and having a door that made a popping sound. Apparently, you have to either get some WD40 or face a barrage of lead in Texas.

Blair says that there was an encounter with police while he was moving to a new apartment. He says that he was standing in front of his home when police shined a spotlight in his face and started to question him. He was speaking to his brother on the phone when he says police officers Richard Cantu and Jesse Aquino exited their cruiser and confronted him. He told them to get the light out of his face and declined to be interrogated. They then went back into his apartment and continued with his move. However, when he opened his door, he was met with gunfire. He grabbed his young son and ran into the back room. Fortunately, neither was hit.

However, Blair was arrested for aggravated assault on a police officer. He was later released.

According to news reports, officer Jesse Aquino was previously found to have falsified a report after striking a man he suspected was holding cocaine in his hand. What is curious is that he was reportedly found to have lied but he was allowed to correct his report and stay on the force. Why? Isn’t a false police report sufficient to terminate an officer?

Source: Dallas News

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  1. You ask…….
    “Why? Isn’t a false police report sufficient to terminate an officer?”

    “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”.
    (Quote from “Animal Farm” by George Orwell)

  2. Dallas PD 2002
    The Dallas Police Department arrested 39 Hispanic people for possession and distribution of a white, chalky substance that field-tested positive for cocaine. Two undercover cops and a paid informant reported that drugs had been sold or shown to them, which led to the arrests. But in lab tests that police hoped would not be conducted, it was determined the “drugs” were powdered wallboard gypsum. Prior to this, however, with plasterboard in the evidence room, the prosecution went forward in 59 cases against dark-skinned “cocaine” dealers whose defense testimony was no match for the calculated lies of the police and their informant.


  3. nick spinelli 1, October 25, 2013 at 2:57 pm

    No feedback on Darren? Any current or former cops out there who can give us some real world perspective?

  4. Waldo 1, October 25, 2013 at 3:14 pm

    Cops are just way too trigger happy.
    Why did Roy Rodgers name his horse Trigger?

  5. Sad case OS. I do believe that some officers are a little to anxious to pull the trigger, however, with all of the school shootings with kids bringing 400 rounds of ammo to school, it would be tough call.

  6. No feedback on Darren? Any current or former cops out there who can give us some real world perspective?

  7. This is NOT a tough call…..

    ‘this kid should NOT have been shot….. PERIOD!!!!

    and this is why it is such a BAD idea to have access to any and every gun… it makes the cops a little jumpy….

    Had this kid been in Europe, it is UNLIKELY that he would have been shot…. please note that I say UNLIKELY…. NOT that it would not happen….

    it is also rather unfortunate that they make toy guns that look like REAL guns….. it is just asking for trouble…..

  8. After looking for images of that toy rifle on news web sites, I found several photos. It appears that the bright orange muzzle device put on replica guns has been removed. Kids who buy toy guns absolutely should be instructed on the importance of NOT removing the orange muzzle tip.

    Here is one of the evidence photos of the kid’s toy gun.


    Here is a similar toy AK-47 with the required orange muzzle device that identifies it as a toy.


  9. @randyjet

    “This is a tough one to call…”

    I hope you never have children, you deeply disturbed individual.

  10. I’ve heard of “driving while black” Now its opening the door while black. And I’m sure in Texas it won’t be to long before its “Breathing while black”

  11. Police are setting a ‘New Standard’ in this Country…. ‘Fire on them, before they fire on you!”

  12. If I was that guy I would move out of Dallas. You can not be black and have some thing like this on your resume down there at the pig station. He needs to move north to some American town and get out of the deep south.

  13. Just in case anyone missed the story, a 13-year-old boy in Santa Rosa, CA was shot and killed by sheriff’s deputies. He was carrying an airsoft pellet gun made to look like an AK-47. It is not clear whether the toy gun had the orange muzzle required for toys and replicas. He was ordered to drop it, but when he turned to see who was yelling, they shot and killed him.

    From a psychological point of view, a shouted command to “drop it” is not particularly effective with civilians, especially a kid. If military or law enforcement trained, it is one thing, but the average person will react by turning to see what the problem is. The same psychology that will cause you to turn and look if you hear a car horn behind you. Second thing, most people who own firearms are not about to drop a very expensive piece of equipment on the ground, especially concrete or asphalt. Most good rifles and shotguns can cost a thousand dollars or more and dropping one can ruin it. Simple human nature.

    The story has been picked up by many news outlets. Here is one of them with the eighth grader’s photo:


    1. After looking at the so called toy, it sure looks like an AK-47 from a distance. I cannot blame the cops for being alarmed, but I think that they acted far too quickly in shooting the kid, who was almost an adult in size at that age. This is a tough one to call since I am not in law enforcement or have any background in it.

      At the very least, I hope that the cops get re-trained as to the use of lethal force and the policies need to be looked at to prevent such a terrible tragedy from happening again.

  14. I would hope that this guy goes to the Feds with this one. It is high time to enforce our civil rights in this state. I am damned tired of having Gestapo cops running this place.

  15. Again, Does anyone know where our retired cop, Darren Smith is? He always has real world experience to give a unique perspective on posts like this.

  16. “aggravated assault?”

    How can that be? They never got close (until Blair was handcuffed).

    Sounds like one of those BS charges that the police bring to get leverage in forcing a citizen to drop charges.

  17. You legal people may correct me, if a citizen files anything false with the police it can be a felony?

  18. “Why? Isn’t a false police report sufficient to terminate an officer?”

    Or, to rephrase the question “Why isn’t a false police report sufficient to terminate an officer?”

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