Dallas Man Accuses Police Of Opening Fire On Him After He Opened His Front Door After He Previously Refused To Be Questioned

n-DAVID-BLAIR-largeThere is a troubling case out of Dallas where David Blair said that he opened the door to his apartment only to be met with a hail of gunfire from police. The Dallas Police Department reportedly told him that he caused the response by shining of flashlight and having a door that made a popping sound. Apparently, you have to either get some WD40 or face a barrage of lead in Texas.

Blair says that there was an encounter with police while he was moving to a new apartment. He says that he was standing in front of his home when police shined a spotlight in his face and started to question him. He was speaking to his brother on the phone when he says police officers Richard Cantu and Jesse Aquino exited their cruiser and confronted him. He told them to get the light out of his face and declined to be interrogated. They then went back into his apartment and continued with his move. However, when he opened his door, he was met with gunfire. He grabbed his young son and ran into the back room. Fortunately, neither was hit.

However, Blair was arrested for aggravated assault on a police officer. He was later released.

According to news reports, officer Jesse Aquino was previously found to have falsified a report after striking a man he suspected was holding cocaine in his hand. What is curious is that he was reportedly found to have lied but he was allowed to correct his report and stay on the force. Why? Isn’t a false police report sufficient to terminate an officer?

Source: Dallas News

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  1. I see the FBI is investigating the shooting of the 13-year-old kid. They are less likely to cover up a local officer’s actions than a local internal affairs investigation. Let’s see what the results of that investigation reveals. Personally, if I were the officer-or any officer even remotely involved–I would lawyer up immediately, if he has not done so already.

    Once again we turn to The Guardian to get reliable news in the USA:


  2. “the FACT is that the gun looked real, that in CA you do not have the right to carry a rifle openly on the city streets…”

    Actually, the FACT is that you have that right notwithstanding, it’s just unconstitutionally violated by the California political machine.

  3. Battlefield USA
    EXACTLY. This “tough call” baloney is utterly disgusting. The pigs are out of control, period. Even if it had been a real gun, if the boy wasn’t threatening anyone, he should not have been accosted. You people are accepting as rational the gun propaganda supported by multiple false flags. You have no memory for how the world was only 20, 30 or 40 years ago. People who have no knowledge of the past are forever children.

  4. Some of you people are deeply disturbed. Re: That 13 year old who was shot. I used to be a little gun toter too when I was a child. Believe it or not, back in those days, they used to have replica gun toys… and we didn’t have those stupid red tips on them. By some of you peoples reckoning, I should have been shot every single time I was out in the neighborhood with my friends playing army. What a sad pathetic people we have become. And look how pussified our cops have become. But then again, what can one expect when even our cops are overgrown man-childs anymore who think strapping on a gun belt and pinning on a badge makes them a man.

    1. The only deeply disturbed people here are those who think that any shooting by cops is wrong. The scenario reported by the news media gives some credence to the police that they felt they were under imminent threat. While I perhaps would not shoot as quickly as the cop, the FACT is that the gun looked real, that in CA you do not have the right to carry a rifle openly on the city streets, and the kid was 14, NOT 13 as some have stated, which means the kid was nearly a full grown adult size. Given all of those factors, and the fact the cop thought it was and looked like a real AK-47, he had no protection by hiding behind the car door as was reported. The seven shots was unacceptable and I think a psych evaluation should be done on the shooter.

      As for the current state of the world, when I was young, in rural parts of the country, kids used to bring their guns to school in their cars or trucks. It was a normal part of life. Unfortunately, we have seen a real increase in violence on the part of kids using guns, and thus less tolerance for guns.

      I was in a situation one time in which I would have been shot dead by the cops, and I would have understood their shooting me. A friend of mine and I were racking up multiengine time at Hobby airport where we were based at Atlantic Aviation. This was pre-9/11. My buddy and I were going to go skeet shooting with our shotguns at a range next to a small airport. I thought about the idea of walking around the airport with our shotguns out, and while perfectly legal at the time, I demurred and told him that we should simply drive rather than fly. So that is what we did. We later went flying right after that, and coming out of the airplane when we would have our shotguns out, a big motorcade passed right in front of us. Turns out it was Reagan being driven to his plane next to us. This was after he had left office of course. I could just envision what would have happened if we had climbed out of our plane with our shotguns out. I seriously doubt that we would have been alive by the time we hit the ground. I was quite happy that we did NOT have our guns with us, especially since we both HATED Reagan and the media would have had a field day touting our “assassination” attempt.

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