Do You Accept The Body Of Christ . . . And Hepatitis A?

FoldaStandingHandsFThere could be an interesting torts case developing in Fargo, North Dakota where hundreds of church members were exposed to hepatitis A by Bishop John Folda in masses at four different churches. Folda contracted hepatitis while at a conference for newly ordained bishops in Italy. Grazie!

Of course, having a priest with hepatitis place communion wafers on the tongue of Catholics raises a unique method of spreading the disease with the faith. If Folda knew or should have been aware that he was ill (due to common symptoms of fever, tiredness, loss of appetite etc), one of the faithful could become litigious. However, since these symptoms could be confused with simply returning from a long trip or fatigue from work, Bishop Folda has an obvious defense. Moreover, such symptoms can take 15-20 days to appear.

Bishop Folda insisted that he had no indication of illness: “I wish I had known I was ill so I could immediately refrain from participating in public activities. Unfortunately, I had no symptoms immediately following my return and during the events that have been brought to the public’s attention.”

Perhaps he will now have a better appreciation for 1 Timothy 5:22 “Do not be hasty in the laying on of hands, nor take part in the sins of others; keep yourself pure.”

20 thoughts on “Do You Accept The Body Of Christ . . . And Hepatitis A?”

  1. As a former Eucharistic Minister, I never drank out of the cup I was offering. The wiping of the chalice with a cloth cannot sanitize effectively. Especially when you consider the backwash possibilities.

  2. Nick Spinelli…. you are quite correct. This doesn’t even rank with ‘Banging young boys in the Butt!!!

  3. I will be sure to tell him he wasted four years of his life in an advanced residency program when all he needs to do is look stuff up on Google.

  4. As soon as I can get in contact with him, I am going to ask an infectious disease specialist about the chances of an infection being transmitted. Most viruses are pretty easy to kill, so I wonder about the alcohol content of the Eucharistic wine being sufficient to either lower the risk or kill it altogether. If I find out anything, I will report back here.

    Glad I have had my hepatitis shots.

  5. doglover Yes, they do drink wine from the same cup. The Eucharistic minister wipes the chalice after each person takes a sip.

  6. And let’s all be aware… latest tests have also proven that 90% of all ‘Holy Water’ has been contaminated by the poop of babies baptised in it! E coli, anyone………….?

  7. Do all parishioners drink wine (grape juice?) out of the same chalice, unwashed between each victim? I was at a large Catholic funeral where it looked like they did.

  8. One must ask the question… Is a Hepatitis A infection actually worse than the ”infection” of Jeebus?????

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