Satanic Salaries: Cleveland-Marshall Faculty Accuse Dean Of Retaliating Against Labor Organizers With $666 Merit Raises

220px-CSULaw180px-the_number_of_the_beast_is_666_philadelphia_rosenbach_museum_and_libraryLaw professors at Cleveland-Marshall are alleging Dean Craig Boise has crossed the line from the merely sarcastic to the outright satanic in issuing $666 raises to professors who were members of a labor bargaining unit.  While others received raises of $5,000 or $3,000, the six professors who were union organizers received the increases that reflected the “sign of the beast.”

The union organizers on the faculty included April L. Cherry ($666), Pamela A. Daiker-Middaugh ($0), Patricia J. Falk ($666), Shledon Gelman ($0), Brian A. Glassman ($0), Karin Mika ($666), and James Wilson ($666). According to the complaint posted by TaxProf, “[i]n effect, Dean Boise has called AAUP’s organizers and AAUP Satan.” The complaint continues:

Dean Boise’s actions are a poorly veiled threat in opposition to AAUP’s organizing and concerted activities. Dean Boise’s manipulation of the merit wage increases provides clear evidence of CM Law’s antiunion animus and CM Law’s retaliation against bargaining unit members for exercising rights to organize and bargain . . .

The professors allege the violation of state labor law, specifically A(1) aND A(3) below:

4117.11 Unfair labor practice.
(A) It is an unfair labor practice for a public employer, its agents, or representatives to:

(1) Interfere with, restrain, or coerce employees in the exercise of the rights guaranteed in Chapter 4117. of the Revised Code or an employee organization in the selection of its representative for the purposes of collective bargaining or the adjustment of grievances;

(2) Initiate, create, dominate, or interfere with the formation or administration of any employee organization, or contribute financial or other support to it; except that a public employer may permit employees to confer with it during working hours without loss of time or pay, permit the exclusive representative to use the facilities of the public employer for membership or other meetings, or permit the exclusive representative to use the internal mail system or other internal communications system;

(3) Discriminate in regard to hire or tenure of employment or any term or condition of employment on the basis of the exercise of rights guaranteed by Chapter 4117. of the Revised Code. Nothing precludes any employer from making and enforcing an agreement pursuant to division (C) of section 4117.09 of the Revised Code.

(4) Discharge or otherwise discriminate against an employee because he has filed charges or given testimony under Chapter 4117. of the Revised Code;

(5) Refuse to bargain collectively with the representative of his employees recognized as the exclusive representative or certified pursuant to Chapter 4117. of the Revised Code;

(6) Establish a pattern or practice of repeated failures to timely process grievances and requests for arbitration of grievances;

(7) Lock out or otherwise prevent employees from performing their regularly assigned duties where an object thereof is to bring pressure on the employees or an employee organization to compromise or capitulate to the employer’s terms regarding a labor relations dispute;

(8) Cause or attempt to cause an employee organization, its agents, or representatives to violate division (B) of this section.

C_BOISEDean Boise (right) insists that the $666 merit award was the result of mathematical division, not a reference to biblical beast. Such coincidences have led to past employment problems from religious employees. These professors appear more concerned with academic retaliation rather divine retribution. It is also unclear how that mathematical division results in an alleged contrast between O or 666 and $5000 in merit increases. Of course, such increases are tied to scholarship and other criteria.

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  1. If 666 is the number of the Anti-Christ, is 333 the number of the Semi-Christ? I know 999 is the number of emergency services in the United Kingdom.

    Curious minds want to know . . .

  2. I forgot to add: the number 666 was first mentioned in the Old Testament

    1 King 10:14 “The weight of the gold that Solomon received yearly was 666 talents, not including the revenues from merchants and traders and from all the Arabian kings and the governors of the land.” (NIV text)

    I wonder how this relates to the book of Revelations:

    Revelations 12:16-18

    “He (the beast) also forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead. So that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name. This calls for wisdom. If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is man’s number. His number is 666.”

  3. Oh well! Better luck next year Cardinal Nation.

    I don’t understand MLb rules on performance enhancing drugs. Why didn’t they suspend David Oritz, who admitted to using certain illegal substances?

    Anyway, interesting article Prof. JT. As you know, faculty and administration, at most colleges and universities, never get along.

  4. Robin, God bless you and yours. There are a lotta elbows thrown, heads butted, etc. It’s the visceral comments that we were talking about and I don’t ever remember that w/ you.

    The fact that your family and friends still speak to you is also a testament to you. They see it’s the pain talking. My family and friends know I don’t talk about my pain. But, they can tell when I’m hurting, I’m quiet by nature and I get silent when I’m in pain. However, I sometimes bark and then they know. With you pain, I surmise it’s the same. However, our dogs could read me better than even my family, particularly our Golden Retriever. If you don’t have a dog or cat, you might want to consider one. We had our 2 dogass put down in the past 2 years, the last one in July. They helped me. We haven’t gotten another for travel purposes.

    You have a good heart. If someone has a good heart they get a lotta leeway. No apologies needed, but this one is accepted and appreciated.

  5. Nick i am sincerely sorry to hear about your health problems. i for one know about pain truly i also know about the anger …. im surprised my family and friends even still speak to me. but thats a testament to their love and understanding…. they know i dont have a high tolerance for pain and i sure am not ready to head to the other side yet!!! and because of that my moods swing from laughter to tears to anger and rage…

    i come here as much as i can sometimes to comment but most of the times just to read the articles then read the posts from all the commenters and laugh… I wish you a speedy recovery for what you are dealing with in my case there is no recovery from the cancer and other illnesses i suffer from… with that said i know there were times when i snapped at you for something you posted which i didnt agree with.. for that I apologize we are all entitled to our opinions. though im gonna admit right here and now it will probably happen again at times.. im apologizing to you for times past and we’ll deal with the others as they come..


  6. Gene, I’m very thankful for your very thoughtful and kind response. I will tell you something I’m quite certain you know. I have seen loved ones experience pain, cancer pain, RA pain. I would MUCH rather have the pain myself, and I know you would vis a vis your mom. My sister suffered. I was long distance and took trips down to Houston, but felt helpless. She had a husband that loved her dearly and took care of her every day. In a tragedy like that, you are thankful she picked a winner. My two other siblings did not. I accept your apology, and will never mention it again. I have great medical services and docs. Being in a college town, and a place where docs want to work, you get the cream[dairy state reference]. I do listen and I’ve found over the years you get better care when the doc knows you’re doing you’re part. That’s just human nature.

    The apology to Mike, after rereading it, was a good one. It was from my heart. The follow-up response to Prairie Rose was from my angry head, and for that I’m sorry and I take it back. So, as a “do over”, lets erase my horseshit follow-up comment. Which brings me to a serious point. It would be helpful for an erase feature. I doubt anyone wouldn’t like to go back and erase or edit their remarks. And, a cap on comment threads might be a bad idea either. Just thoughts, that’s all. Prego, again, and here’s a virtual awkward man hug. Ciao.

  7. Oh, and do what the docs tell you. I say this being one of the world’s worst patients myself.

  8. Good luck, nick.

    My mom has severe chronic pain issues. They can really throw your life into turmoil. And despite what you (or anyone) dealing with chronic pain may think, it does impact how you interact with others. I’ve been taking care of some business for her recently and a couple of times she’s just torn my head off for no other reason than she hurt and I was the closest target. But that’s okay. She’s my mom. I know she doesn’t mean the things she say when pain is running her mouth. She always apologizes.

    Also, I do know the difference between an excuse and an explanation.

    Seriously, man. Take it easy. Fear and anger are just reactions. They only win when you let them. I’m lucky in that I’ve had a double dose of training in dealing with fear and anger via martial arts and legal training. Unfortunately, chronic pain is often the friend of fear and anger and it is something you often have little control over until the docs hit on something that works for you. No one brings their A game when they hurt.

    So I’ll take your explanation (not excuse) and your promise to try to be more positive in good faith . . . unless you give me reason to think otherwise.

    Might I make a suggestion.

    Your apology to Mike about the donor family matter was couched in a backhanded passive-aggressive manner. Why don’t you try again. Show the people of this forum you’re the good guy you say you are. All journeys begin with a single step.

    To show you what I mean: I apologize if you think I was insulting your sister. I was actually talking about the shared love of BBQ, but I would never deliberately use a dead relative against someone. Ask AY if you doubt this. I may argue like a wolverine and I can trade insults like a demon, but even I have boundaries and dead relatives are certainly over that boundary line. Regardless, you took offense and, even though it was not intended, I do sincerely apologize again if you think I was saying something bad about your sister. I’m sure she was a lovely woman.

    Now you two make nice.

    It’ll be good for ya’ll and good for the forum.

  9. Thank you, Blouise. That’s part of my anger. I’m going, come hell or high water. The part of the trip I am most looking forward to is Cinque Terre. And, the best way to see it is on foot. There are no roads, foot or train. It’s 8 miles which would normally a piece of cake for me..tough for my wife, but w/ her new knee she can do it. I’m in physical therapy and I’ll maybe get a cortisone shot before I go. This is a bump in the road. It is really small potatoes compared to so many people. I never forget that. Pain just wears you down sometimes.

  10. nick,

    Take care of yourself. I hope these medical problems don’t negatively impact your travel plans

  11. Gene, This is not sarcastic And this is true, as is everything I say here. You are correct. I have been commenting here too much of late. I have health problems. I’ve spoken w/ leejcarroll about them as she is a pain sufferer, worse than even me. I will be needing a cervical fusion and now I’m having lumbar problems which scares and angers me. I’m not able to walk like I normally do which affects my diabetes and stress. I want this to a be positive place. Very few people know of my problems, I am not the type of person who wants to burden people. This is difficult for me to say here. It is NOT an excuse. And, I REFUSE to let that, or any difficulty define me. I will cut back, and I will work as hard as possible to keep it positive. Ciao.

  12. Must be scotch-thirty in Wisconsin, because I wasn’t talking to you, nick. Bron can speak for himself. I know. I’ve seen him do it. As for making something my life? I don’t need another dad. I already got one. It’s none of your business.

    However, you do seem very sensitive to the notion that every reply is about you. In fact, the site stats show you’ve commented here more than twice as often as the next nearest group of posters. That shows a lot of investment of your time and apparently in your self worth in this forum, nick. That’s really unhealthy. What’s the matter? Not gettin’ any attention at home?

    Maybe you should find someplace else to drink.

  13. Nick,

    FYI…. I do have a life outside of here…. I presumed that since you claim to be an honorable person you’d step up to the plate and apologize without swinging a back hand…. If you have an issue, then maybe you should consult with that wonderful wife you claim to have…. I’m sure she’d steer you in the right direction…. But, action do speak louder than words….. I apologize if you think I’m stirring the pot….. I asked a question…. You have not answered…. It’s either:

    Yes or,


  14. It was over, Bron. You said something, AY responded, and I thanked you. But, the lonely man has to stir up shit.

  15. Bron, That’s an arm rippin’ bouncer talking to you. So be VERY afraid. It’s difficult for you and I to understand a loser, underachiever geek who creates a fantasy world where he is an arm rippin’ bouncer and bedder of many women, keepin’ them all satissssfied, while he actually just leads a lonely, sad, life. A Willy Loman/Walter Mitty hybrid. This is his and a few others entire world. It’s WAY TOO IMPORTANT.

  16. This Dean should be removed from his position. How stupid does he think his faculty members are??

  17. For example: If one acts like a dick?

    The pattern should be obvious at this point.

  18. For example: If one wants to conflate insult where there was none, they are going to be insulted.

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