How To Trade Halloween Candy

170px-Trick_or_treat_in_swedenFor those ghosts and goblins heading out tonight, the blog wants to offer useful legal and practical guidelines for the risk averse as well as the wealth maximizing readers. The wonderful video below on how to trade candy falls into the latter category.

Things have improved greatly since my days when mothers would hand out those rice puff balls and apples. With the over-criminalization of America, I fail to see why we have not made apples a crime as a Halloween treat. My favorite — for the parent tax — remains Reese’s Peanut Butter cups.

Here is the video:

10 thoughts on “How To Trade Halloween Candy”

  1. Biggest winner at our house, esp. with the littlest, are those cheap-n-cheesy plucked-out EYEBALLs! the chocolate spheres, with usually peanut butter centers (semi-reeses, eh?!?) and the GREAT bloodshot eye pattern on the outside! talk about reaching into a bowl of peeled grapes in the dark, 8-). doesn’t hurt that our moving, talking-snarky witch’s hand candy-bowl is still operating — that usually gets a jump or several!

    both my grandmothers did teen-age schoolmarm stints in one-room schoolhouses, before, say, 1920, in the West (Oregon for one, maybe Wyoming for the other); there’s a family story that one of their co-workers in a nearby jurisdiction awoke one day-after-Halloween to find his Model-T had been disassembled in the night and re-assembled on the roof of the school-house! now THOSE were TRICKS!

  2. Now hold on Raff!

    Carameled popcorn balls are a far sight different from a bag of popcorn. Same goes for caramel apples. Those are both boss. I only object to baggies of plain popcorn (really? no salt?). I would agree that most foods with caramel added are worthy of Halloween treating. Caramel chicken…. mmmmmm….


  3. raff,

    When I was a kid we loved to go to the “old folks” houses. Since they didn’t have little kids to get ready, they spent time in the kitchen. Everybody was greeted at the door by “grandpa” and told to go into the kitchen where, depending on the house, “grandma” was frying donuts, or warming hot chocolate or baking cookies, or making hot cider, or forming warm caramel popcorn balls … kids traipsing in and out all evening … they all even let you use the bathroom!!

    Of course there was always the dentist passing out toothbrushes. His kids always spent their time apologizing to the rest of us and we felt so sorry for them.

  4. I will go for Milky Ways everytime. armyofficer, I used to eat the popcorn balls. Especially the caramel corn ones!

  5. We never traded candy on the road. Bartering and trading took place at the end of the night as all bags were emptied in the middle of the living room floor and business commenced.

  6. Peanut Butter Cups have been the #1 candy seller for a couple years now. When we just hold out the witch bucket filled w/ a mélange of candy, that’s what most kids pick. I grab a Snickers.

  7. Its not Christmas
    These aren’t presents…
    Its just candy, for you pheasants.
    Eat some chocolate, snort some candy.
    HollowWeenies are for dandies.

    –sign on bathroom wall at Walmart

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