“Royals” by a Seven Foot Tall Sad Clown

Submitted by Charlton Stanley (Otteray Scribe), Guest Blogger

It has been rather intense around the Turley Blog the past couple of days. Time for a break, and hopefully, a smile.

Lorde, the sixteen-year-old singer, songwriter, activist from New Zealand wrote a catchy little song that is a commentary on entitlement, status and excess.  Her song, “Royals,” has won awards and recognition for the teen. Perhaps the most flattering thing for her is the fact it has been done as a cover by numerous performers. One of the most interesting covers is the one done by Puddles, the sad clown with the golden voice. Did we mention that Puddles is about seven feet tall?

20 thoughts on ““Royals” by a Seven Foot Tall Sad Clown”

  1. mahtso,
    HuffPo is now the arbiter of what is racist or politically correct? Really?

    Lessee, a sixteen year old New Zealand teenager writes a song skewering privilege, entitlement, and obsession with status symbols and somebody at HuffPo calls it “racist?” HuffPo needs to stick to what they seem to do best; such as who is the latest starlet showing sideboob in public.

  2. Uh . . . because it’s a good song and it isn’t racist.

    If anything, it’s classist. To be specific, it’s anti-classist. Egalitarian.

    See, when you’re an independent critical thinker, you evaluate each and every thing for what it is in itself. You don’t rely on a media outlet’s usually facile analysis to form your opinions. You do it for yourself. Media is a place to find out who, what, where, and sometimes how. Often how is simply opinion and why is always opinion.

    What the mighty HuffPo opines means no more to me in the formulation of my opinions (or like or dislikes) than the opine of the world’s mightiest termite.

    (Ten geek points to anyone who gets the reference.)

  3. Over at Huffington Post there was a column asserting that the song is racist. Why is it being promoted here?

  4. Sometimes, there is a performer where the difference between appearance and abilities are so incongruent they stun the senses. Paul Potts, Jackie Evancho, and Susan Boyle come to mind. Now we have Puddles.

  5. It would be nice to let Puddles sing the opening to the House of Representatives sessions, rather than having a prayer.

  6. Okay, okay, okay . . .

    I’ve watched this about five times now and the original . . .


    Two impossible things have happened. One, I really really enjoyed the clown. Two, I wish I was sixteen again.

    Clowns? Are the inhabitants of the third circle of Hell.
    And I didn’t like being sixteen when I was sixteen.

  7. That is the most unusual and interesting video I’ve seen all week, Chuck. Thanks! I needed that. And in a close second, David Bowie’s “Love is Lost”.

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