Kuwaiti Woman Arrested For Driving Ailing Father To Hospital

no-cars-sign170px-Ministry_of_Interior_Saudi_Arabia.svgThose libertine Kuwaitis are at it again. A Kuwaiti woman was arrested in Saudi Arabia for the offense of driving her ailing diabetic father to a hospital. She was promptly arrested even though there is no formal law against women driving in Saudi Arabia. Women are allowed to drive in Kuwait and recently some women protested by driving in Saudi Arabia though some fear retaliation.

Only under the medieval standards of Saudi Arabia would Kuwait appear a bastion of feminism.

The Kuwaiti woman had just crossed the border to the hospital when police stopped her. She explained that her father needed medical attention but she was still arrested. Her father could not drive but it appears to be moral to let your father die rather than drive as a woman in Saudi Arabia.

Source: Yahoo

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  1. The woman was just arrested-what was the result of this for her poor dad that needed emergency medical care? This didn’t just affect a woman. Dad’s kind of lost in the story.

  2. Pirate Territory. Do not go in. Do not let their people in your country. Do not sail by their shore on sea. If you must fly over by plane then flush.

  3. AP,

    The song is brilliant. Saudi Arabia remains one of the most despicable countries on this planet for its policies towards women and towards homosexuals. That doesn’t even get into the fact that it is an absolute monarchy and elements of that monarchy were probably behind the 9/11 attack and other terrorism.

    The perfection of Mr. Fajeeh’s song is that it was not only an excellent rendition of the tune, but that one couldn’t clearly discern whether it was satiric in nature, or supportive of the subject. Not knowing anything about him other than his introduction it appears satiric. However, since by garb he appears a Saudi the song really couldn’t be retaliated against as subversive. His varied movements and facial expressions lent themselves well to satire, but as well could have merely been a smiling expression of the innate Saudi sexism and the song could well be seen as a paternalistic message to Saudi women to stay in their places.

    The varied faces of sexism in this world often present themselves as being protective of women. The reality though is that many men are frightened of the power of women and more importantly their intelligence. The macho stupidity of many men’s obsession with their penises (size, potency, etc.) as a judgment of their manhood conflates with the ridiculous belief that sexuality is a matter of prowess, rather than a beautiful expression of intimacy between human beings. Societies like Saudi Arabia cut through this debilitating male fear by demoting women’s status to chattel and appendages. Sexuality therefore becomes the taking of pleasure from ones chattel and there is then no sense of partnership in it. Without that sense of partnership sex is demoted to mean that penile ejaculation is its sole pleasurable aspect and that procreation is its only other goal. Women’s faking pleasure becomes the norm lest they make their lord and master angry.

    Societies that see women in this light are in reality failed societies since they
    underutilize the potential contributions of 50% of their population. The political discussions in America regarding foreign policy rarely are critical of powerful countries like Saudi Arabia that trample on women’s rights. Since women compose at least 50% of all humanity, as I’ve written before, it is women’s freedom to maximize their potential that remains the World’s number one human rights issue.

  4. We saved these guys from Saddam for this? Our “allies” in the Middle East are pretty outrageous.

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