Worst Hit And Run Ever

This video shows perhaps the worst hit and run ever. The scene was not far from my family home in Chicago and shows the driver try to flee an accident with a taxi. He proceeds to hit at least five other cars.

A local paper reports that the driver (not surprisingly) was not the owner of the car which was stolen. He is charged with criminal damage to public property, leaving the scene, and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, among other offenses.

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  1. Dear Laila,
    I think you ought to check your meds. Seems like they’re not working very well. Could you also check if your caps lock is on/off?




  3. Nick Spinelli, your Asian woman joke is lame.
    The taxi driver could’ve been killed indeed but sometimes one’s outrage over a blatant injustice overcomes one’s clear thinking. I pulled into another lane from one which was being closed and the car behind me didn’t like it one bit and tried to intimidate me by driving extremely close to the back of my car. I tried to keep my focus but then I saw he threw a couple of things out of his car which subsequently hit mine. I was mortified at the sight and the sound of that action. I grabbed my umbrella, ran out of my car and screamed at him while hitting the car with the umbrella. The guy got out with his baseball bat and I challenged him to hit me with it. He did not but seemed terrified. A woman came out as well and started yelling and screaming as well but I didn’t give an inch. I told them I wouldn’t move till they apologized. In the meantime of course nobody behind us was going anywhere and horns started to honk and people got out to view the spectacle. One man walked up to the driver of the car behind me, took the bat out of his hand, told both of us to get back into our cars in a very calm manner and we obliged. I think the people in the car behind me as well as myself were relieved at the calm intervention. The projectiles which had been thrown at me were two full bottles of water. I am sure there is a you-tube video out there somewhere with the heading ‘older woman in road rage’. I sold that car not longer after. It was a Miata, a cute shiny black sporty car. Actually, I have never felt more of a target than when I drove that thing around. One truck driver whom I passed one day turned on his lights and drove after me for 10 minutes, then passed me and as he passed hit my car sideways. I am till this day still mortified I did what I did.
    The taxi driver was much calmer than I was. Good to know the SUV driver got punished. Oh, and the driver wasn’t an Asian female. How do you figure that, Mr.Spinelli?

  4. sara, Obviously the driver isn’t a very good aim. The minivan that was struck looks like it was out on a test drive. Note the sticker on the windshield. It’s the type sticker used on car lots to show the year of the vehicle. That salesman is pissed!

  5. This is Lakeview, not far from Lakeview High School, where the good movie, My Bodyguard, was shot. For any kid having to deal w/ bullying, it’s a nice movie.

  6. Never screw w/ an Eastern European cab driver in Chicago. I couldn’t see, was the SUV driver an Asian woman?

  7. Maybe not the worst hit and run driver ever, but one of the best videos of a squirrel in a twirl.

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