Happy Veterans Day

275px-WW2_Iwo_Jima_flag_raisingI wanted to wish all of our veterans and their families a happy Veterans Day and to thank them for their sacrifices. I just took a walk down to the mall in Washington and watched children give veterans cards that they made for today. It was a scene that captures all that is right with this country. It was kind and unpretentious and real.

My father Jack Turley served in the Pacific in World War II with the Navy and my grandfather Ed Turley served in the Army with the Fighting Irish in World War I. We were fortunate to have both return from the war, though my paternal grandfather was wounded and suffered from memories of gas attacks on the front.

This day brings back a common history and investment that all families have made to this country both as veterans and as family members of veterans. I hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday.

41 thoughts on “Happy Veterans Day”

  1. Here is an interesting quote from a veteran of the Iraq war who is now seeking a doctorate in English:

    The biggest problem we face is a philosophical one: understanding that this civilization is already dead. The sooner we confront this problem, and the sooner we realize there’s nothing we can do to save ourselves, the sooner we can get down to the hard work of adapting, with mortal humility, to our new reality.

    (Learning How to Die in the Anthropocene). He says that when he was in Iraq each day when he woke up the first thing he did was to meditate on his death that day.

    In his minds eye he saw himself shot, or bombed, or beheaded, or the like.

    His NY Times piece I quoted from is sure to challenge the delusional ideology of our culture (A Decline Of The American Republic – 3).

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