Alabama Police Officer Loses Job After Shown Drag Racing On Video With Another Motorcyclist

race14n-2-web A Montgomery, Alabama officer has resigned shortly before being fired after the release of a video shows him drag racing another motorcyclist. The other man, Lawrence Lee Spillers, recorded the encounter on his helmet camera and says that he never thought the officer would be fired in releasing the video.

The officer released a statement that said “I don’t have any hard feelings against the department. All my life and throughout my career I have tried to be humble and reserved, but I’m not perfect. If I could start over I would have never done what I did. I appreciate everyone’s support. I can’t believe how everything has turned around for me. I guess it’s the will of God.”

What is astonishing is that the officer raced Spillers twice from light to light on the city street. The officer could still be charged.

The resignation was clearly filed shortly before termination. Do you think that this incident is serious enough to fire the officer?

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  1. I’ve been pretty disturbed lately over the bad press that has been showing up everywhere in regards to the uniformed and bulked up human pit bulls that don’t appear capable of making an intelligent decision on their own. The obvious robo-cop plague, the main symptom of which is the inability to display any emotion other than indignity and rage, has luckily not spread to my area yet, at least when compared to what I’m seeing in other parts of the US. I’d give just about anything if the only reports of police misconduct we heard about were limited to these officers being viewed as human beings and actually being respected by those they are sworn to protect and to serve. I’m sure if the motorbike rider who filmed the video thought for one moment that the video would cost this officer his job, he wouldn’t have posted it. He had an interaction with a COP that wasn’t negative! Who in the world would believe that? I believe he posted it as a positive thing because it’s so rare to see an officer being friendly and, in all honesty, the guy probably thought that the cop would fall in behind him when he took off and write him a ticket for speeding. Heck, that’s what I thought was going to happen! All that’s on YouTube anymore only involves p_ssed off and usually indignant civilians doing their best to show a law enforcement officer how intelligent they are. When they run into an officer that honestly does not have the experience or training on how to interact with civilian a__holes in a positive and professional manner, I’m guessing that their other training often takes over and they are left to view this as a threat. They have no problem knowing how to deal with a threat. If you are lucky it usually involves a taser and lying face down on asphalt with a shiny pair of S&W bracelets holding your wrists together for you! No one I know, either in or out of law enforcement, has some sort of delusion that a pompous, thick-chested, shaved-head clone has a snowballs chance in Hell of earning respect from anyone based on their ability to intimidate people, except for them. Listen, if I were to see one of these things coming at me I’d honestly be praying for some way to defend myself and/or get behind a concrete wall. You know, I’ve had this problem with speeding here lately and a State Trooper wrote me a ticket a couple of months ago. I’ll tell you that I was pretty upset at him, and spent a good week or two fuming about it. Guess what though. The same officer pulled me over two more times in the next month or so for the same thing and before I’d even went to court for it, but, he cut me slack both times. I was speeding both times and I certainly didn’t deserve that from him. He had every right to sock it to me both times. Guess what I’ve done about it. I’ve done everything I can to slow my posterior down. Not because I’m scared of him writing me up again but rather, he showed me he was a human. He wasn’t there just to make my day miserable. As upset as I was at this State Trooper after that ticket, I now have more respect for him than I’ve ever had for another officer that I can think of and I’m honestly trying my best to slow down. Before he pulled me over the other two times I wanted to slow down so I wouldn’t get another ticket. Now, if I get another ticket, it will make me feel pretty lousy because this guy gave me two chances and any further screw ups and it’s no ones fault but mine. Heck, I may even write the ticket out for him. Whatever training program law enforcement officers are going through now, it appears to be painfully inadequate in the area of human interactions. These creatures that are apparently being churned out now, can be likened to robots produced from some sort of cookie-cutter factory. I much prefer the highly trained professionals that are also capable of displaying both intelligent decision making, and the ability to show human empathy. I think all law enforcement officers should have, not just knowledge of the law, but an understanding of it as well. They should understand that their ability to diffuse a situation displays the skills of a true peace officer. It almost appears to me that these newbies purposefully elevate the severity of a situation just so they can show how big and bad they are. They haven’t figured out yet that they are only developing a reputation that will only make their job more hazardous for them, for the public, and other officers. When the public feels like they have no chance of receiving a fair shake when it involves these officers, the situation is already escalated to an unsafe level. I sincerely hope the officer in question in the video did get reinstated. In my humble opinion he is worth twenty of the most “highly trained” things that are being released on us now. If an officer does you a good turn, let him know that you appreciate that. Also, keep in mind that you should use good judgement and realize that when he cuts you that break, it may be better if you thank him sincerely and keep it at that. I’m a firm believer in positive reinforcement.

  2. Without passing judgement on this particular incident, it is insane that officers routinely do not lose their jobs after the equivalent of executing people and pets, but drag racing from light to light meets that test.

  3. I’ve been pondering this officers actions….. I still don’t see where he violated the essence or spirit of the law….. I can’t make out the speed limit of the officers speed…..

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