Alabama Police Officer Loses Job After Shown Drag Racing On Video With Another Motorcyclist

race14n-2-web A Montgomery, Alabama officer has resigned shortly before being fired after the release of a video shows him drag racing another motorcyclist. The other man, Lawrence Lee Spillers, recorded the encounter on his helmet camera and says that he never thought the officer would be fired in releasing the video.

The officer released a statement that said “I don’t have any hard feelings against the department. All my life and throughout my career I have tried to be humble and reserved, but I’m not perfect. If I could start over I would have never done what I did. I appreciate everyone’s support. I can’t believe how everything has turned around for me. I guess it’s the will of God.”

What is astonishing is that the officer raced Spillers twice from light to light on the city street. The officer could still be charged.

The resignation was clearly filed shortly before termination. Do you think that this incident is serious enough to fire the officer?

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  1. OS,

    Thinks for the compass.

    I understand completely the war we’re all in.

    My main mentor, late 70’s, he’s in the thick of it, he’s public everyday almost, if you look for him. If he did not have so many bothering him I’d say his name here. he can easily be heard if anyone looks.

    Anyway, this USA disaster is almost over, most everyone nows knows it was caused by the Federal Reserve System, Central Banks World wide, Wallst/City of London Banks/Insurance co’s & they are all BK’d.

    In the mean time people should just keep their spirits up knowing that those rotten aholes time is over & we all know it’s true.

    **bearing – Idioms and phrases – The Free Dictionary‎
    *one’s bearings. the knowledge of where one is; the knowledge of how one is oriented to one’s immediate environment. **

    I would not post this meant to be up lifting post if I thought it not true.

    Timing is everything.

    We shall all see.

    I’ll keep dreaming til I see with my own eyes, but we’re just that close.

  2. raff (& Oky1).

    Talking about toys for boys and not growing out of the need for speed. When oldest son got out of medical school he started looking around for a hobby. He had soloed just past his 16th birthday, and had a lot of time at the controls of Coast Guard patrol planes. Then he found out you could get a surplus MiG-21 jet fighter as the old Soviet Union liquidated their inventory. This airplane is capable of Mach 2, or around 1,500 mph. It can go from a standing start to 40,000 feet in one minute. It stalls at about 165 mph, which means landing speed is around 170 mph. No one knows how many G forces it will pull, because even in combat and airshow flying, no one has ever damaged or broken a wing from pulling high G forces. Anyway, he found out there were surplus MiG-21 fighter planes on the civilian market for as little as $60,000. And that included a couple of extra engines, a dozen tires and enough spare parts to almost build another airplane. I talked him out of it. Part of my argument was that one needs to fly this airplane at least an hour a week just to stay proficient. The second argument was when I asked him if he was ready for a two to three hundred gallon an hour fuel burn. This is what a demilitarized MiG-21 looks and sound like. But damn, that is one beautiful airplane.

  3. Raff, & Oky1,
    Gene can relate to this, since he has met my son and DiL. #1 son has always been a gearhead and refuses to grow up in many ways. On top of that he is a dedicated Indian motorcycle aficionado. He just ordered his third Indian Chief bike. My daughter in law has a near-antique 50cc Indian. She can ride it down to the store when she just needs to pick up a loaf of bread or carton of milk. He keeps talking about this Burt Munro guy and a movie about his life. Seems the Indian Company has built a special bike called the Spirit of Munro. His wife and I both keep telling him that no far into his second childhood he gets he cannot have one.

    BTW, after he got out of the service and going to pre-med, he worked as a sworn law enforcement officer. Thank goodness the sheriff was smart enough to not put him on motorcycle patrol.

    The video is about the new version of the Spirit of Munro.

  4. raff,
    That is not fear. It is quite something else. Brings a whole new meaning to “pulling G.”

    Here is a woman named Silvia flying in the same airplane. Made later with digital camera, so video quality is better. Watch it all the way to the end where she has that silly grin and looks as if she is about to ask for a cigarette. Some ladies are more fun to take flying than others. Um….I think I better stop there before I get into trouble.

  5. OS,

    fyi, my 1st choice was the Great Waldo Pepper, but I didn’t save the link to the full movie this morning & utube didn’t pull it up tonight so I settled for this new version of the Red Barron.

  6. Oky1
    One of the fun things in life is to take a lady flying. The question is, who is having the most…ummm….fun?

  7. OS,

    I understand you are in the biz & I have this mental attitude problem, being an adult 24/7 all the time is rough & I keep wanting to escape for a few hours & be a young again & dream.

    Any suggestions? 🙂

  8. Cops are suppose to be setting an example.
    I also live in Enterprise,Alabama and saw a cop in the last two weeks speeding 75 in a 65 mile zone. He is headed to Dothan, Alabama I was going 69 and he passed me flying. I know he’s not on a run because I’ve seen this same car and guy do this several times around 8 o’clock in the morning same time same place……..They do it all the time……

  9. Given the number of US LEOs who kill suspects in questionable circumstances but do not get fired I think firing this man was over the top unless there are other incidents in his file.

  10. Some cops kill innocent people and never even get confronted about it. Of course he should be confronted, and judged on his profile, but his quitting ahead of charges hints at a sense of responsibility, and barring recidivism, I don’t think he deserves more than a slap on the wrist.

  11. i grew up in montgomery. where was this cop when i was riding around there. come to think of it, he probably wasn’t born yet. bummer

    who am i kidding, i’m not really grown up.

  12. Otteray Scribe:

    Right with ya! The officer certainly knew better. Traffic laws are there for a reason.

  13. I’ve rewatched this…. I’m still trying to figure out what the cop did that was out of line…..

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