7 thoughts on “Good Morning Beautiful”

  1. wow what a face to come home to… okkkk now that back in my own home. hopefully for some time. i’ll take it the dog is reminding me that i’ve missed quite a few stories so up and away i go….

  2. This dog is obviously not aware of the nationwide knish shortage in the US due to a fire @ a NY knish factory. He wouldn’t be so content if he knew there would be no tasty morsels fed to him during the upcoming Holidays. He may only get some turnips.

  3. Actually, it’s pretty easy not to like a face like this. English Bulldogs spend their entire lives being “waterboarded” because their faces are too flat and they cannot breathe. They are so bow legged they cannot run, and in the show ring they can collapse if asked to do more than fast walk around the ring once. All English Bull Dogs are born caesarian, because the dog is so deformed by having a massive head and a small pelvis that very few can pass through a natural birth canal. The dogs are so poorly built they are bred in “rape racks” because a male bulldog is too unwieldlyto actually mount a bitch. Skin infections in the folds are so common, that bulldogs routinely have their tails cut in order to remove this particular trouble spot.

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