Australian Politician Caught Grooming Himself Chimp Style

There is renewed calls for the United States Supreme Court to end its ban on cameras in the courtroom. This clip might reinforce the opposition of members. Member of Parliament Gary Gray has discovered the perils of televised legislative sessions. The former resources minister appears to view things in his hair as a resource worth digesting. Of course, the image of justices grooming each other would be too much to take.

Gray is with the Australian Labor Party representative and previously served in the Australian Cabinet as the Minister for Resources and Energy, the Minister for Tourism, and the Minister for Small Business. He has also served as the Special Minister of State and the Minister for the Public Service and Integrity.

For the record, this is how professionals do it.

8 thoughts on “Australian Politician Caught Grooming Himself Chimp Style”

  1. dont know why i watched that video while eating a piece of lemon crunch cake. lol..

  2. It was a bug in the rug, not a hair. Did you see him chew a bit there? What part of Australia is he from?

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