Long Island Deli Owner and Son Arrested For Allegedly Ripping Off Lottery Winner

112413_ff_lottery_640We previously saw a father and his son arrested for ripping off a lottery winner at their New York convenience store. Now, we have a second case out of New York where a Long Island deli owner and his son allegedly tried to cheat a millon-dollar lottery winner out of his prize. Where the earlier convenience store family tried to rip off a drug addict, Karim Jaghab, 26, and his father Nabil Jaghab, 57, are accused of trying to tip off a 34-year-old man who did not speak English.

After the winning $1 million lottery ticket was purchased at the Peninsula Deli and Grocery in Hempstead, N.Y., the owners received a message reading “”File claim: jackpot winner – please return original ticket to the customer along with a claim receipt.” Karim Jaghab is accused of not telling the man that he won $1 million and told him that he had won only $1,000. He gave him the money and took the winning ticket.

The next day the man returned with suspicions and was alleged told by Nabil Jaghab that he had won $10,000 and would receive the money if he didn’t call police. The man went to the police and learned he had won $1 million.

The Jaghabs have been charged with grand larceny. It is not clear why they have not also been charged with other crimes related to the effort to bribe the man or prevent his going to the police.

What often amazes me is how defendants like this often hold themselves as moral or religious families, but do not hesitate to commit such acts of dishonesty — often targeting the most vulnerable victims.

Source: CBS

17 thoughts on “Long Island Deli Owner and Son Arrested For Allegedly Ripping Off Lottery Winner”

  1. Time should be on there hands…. But since this is a crime of dishonesty…. And if the are immigrants….. They can be deported….. As well as citizenship revoked if they have it…..

  2. Personanongrata 1, November 25, 2013 at 6:59 pm

    I wonder how many other folks Karim Jaghab and Nabil Jaghab have fleeced?
    Me too.

    I watch football closely, in terms of “the seeds” (e.g. #1 Seed, #2, #3 …) etc.

    The number one seed in the area you mention (fleece capades) is Bernie Madoff (Getting Caught Is The Only No-No).

    A system dandy if there ever was one.

    Where pop and son end up on the list– I am not sure of … except to say that none of the ones you mentioned are in first place.

  3. Paul Scott 1, November 25, 2013 at 3:17 pm

    … This is the same naivete I ranted about in the last …
    Fine Paul, but don’t forget that we must continue to be hurt by at least every significant injustice.

    But not emotionally snuffed out, just hurt.

    Let’s not call the wise “naive” when they are wounded by injustice, collapsed consciences, collapsed social skills, or even those collapsed national institutions that are at the heart of the reason for all of our American sojourns from old feudal Europe.

    The naiveté we need to concern ourselves with is the deceit/propaganda that renders our populace dazed and confused.

    Which is worse, for adults, than bona fide naiveté.

    Better to be laughed at for helping a homeless person than be otherwise chastened for robbing them.

    Uh oh, I heard something rumbling like “wise as serpents, but harmless as doves” … can it really be?

  4. I know it is just another scam, but The thing that jumps out for me is that religion is mentioned in the article at all, when it does not seem to be mentioned as part of the situation. And secondly, I think it is sad that Turley is “amazed,” as he puts it, about the hypocrisy of supposedly religious people. This is the same naivete I ranted about in the last email about Marian Nestle.

    People need to become aware of real life and not be swayed by the phony notion that a person in a power position is reliable and honest. (Think obummer, raygun, the pope etc.) And this goes doubly for all those who hold religious positions of power like priests, pastors rabbis or mullahs, never mind people like these Deli owners. To assume that those who claim piety are actually pious is foolish at best.


  5. Wondering if they didn’t have Arabic names if you’d have made the religious comment… and wondering if you thought the OTHER father and son more honorable because the victim was a druggie. I think you seem to be about as lacking in morals as they are.

  6. Well they didn’t get away with it. If convicted there business should suffer greatly, proving to have a lack of morals, you can’t trust the food they make,

  7. Yeah… You guys keep repenting, praying, & paying the unviable man in the sky who needs all your money. People who do anything to not take responsibility of they’re own actions. 😀

  8. The Seven Deadly Sins were the reason for a long and successful business. The 1k these shitbirds gave the victim is what they got from the lottery for selling the winning ticket.

  9. Dishonest people come in every size, shape, color, and religion. All of us need to repent of our sins and accept the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ.

  10. From the names, they are likely Arab, but from what I know of the name generally, Christian. Do you want their hands chopped if they are Christian? I kind of wondered at the religious comment made at the end of the article above as I did not see any spiritual component to the story that would indicate it to be significant-one way or the other. Is it simply because of an assumption based on their name?

  11. are these Muslim my men, the father and son, well then chop their hands off!!

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