11 thoughts on “Florida Plays Florida . . . Florida Loses”

  1. New NCAA rule — no coach earns more than the most highly paid teaching professor at the same institution.

  2. Yeah, but what did Georgia Southern do to one of its own? Check out the dead body at the goal line.

  3. What Jamie Dimon said:

    I am still wondering why they even hired Will Muschamp? He has never been a head coach of a Divison 1 program. However, he gets a chance to coach not only a D1 program, but he gets a chance to coach one of the best programs in the country with no experience? He should’ve been hired for a head coaching job at Temple, Idaho, or Miami-Ohio; I didn’t know that Florida was where one gets experience and move on to greener pastures? It’s like becoming a faculty member, with no teaching, research, and/or grant-generating experience, at Harvard or Yale, without first thinking about or applying to Chicago State University or the University of Illinois-Springfield?

  4. Jamie, I would have been suspicious of point shaving but not w/ a 35 point spread.

  5. “GAINESVILLE — The University of Florida has no plans to fire Will Muschamp, even after a monumental loss to Georgia Southern, a source close to the program told the Sentinel on Sunday.

    However, significant changes to Muschamp’s coaching staff are expected after Saturday’s season finale against Florida State.”

    I think FL was favored by 35 going into the game. Another failed system where the head honcho – who likely picked the coaches – will continue to receive outsize compensation while the brain trust that hired him blames the peons for the collapse. The college sports complex is looking more like the Wall Street bankster cartel where the minions pay the price of the leaders incompetence, arrogance, hubris and greed.

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