Quoth the Ravens, “Nevermore”: Should Tomlin Be Sanctioned For A Coach Block On Jacoby Jones?

TomlinLast night, I watched the Steelers game with friends from Pittsburgh in a perfect day of food and football. The game produced a controversy that rivals the NBA “Great Spill” controversy of 2013. In this case, Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin appeared to many to intentionally stand in front of Baltimore Ravens’ Jacoby Jones as he was running toward a potential game winning touchdown in the second half. His actions seemed to force Jones to move away from the line and allow a tackle by a Steelers defender. The Ravens still won but the question lingers.

The kick return was a magnificent run by Jones until he found Tomlin in his path. He zigged infield and was nailed by Pittsburgh corner Cortez Allen who tackled him at the 27-yard line. The fact is that he might not have made the final yardage, but Jones appeared to point at Tomlin after the play in protest. Worse yet, Tomlin appeared to grim after the play, confirming the suspicions of many Ravens fans. As Poe would say, “the raven still beguiling all my sad soul into smiling.”

The incident brought back memories of the controversy of New York Jets assistant coach Sal Alosi tripping Miami’s Nolan Carroll. I do not understand how a coach could remain on the line in this way and not be sanctioned. This was a close game and Tomlin clearly watched as Jones approached his position — moving at the last possible moment.

What do you think?

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  1. I agree with everyone here…. If the coaches can’t be examples of leadership then what do other coaches have …. Integrity…..lacking…

  2. a fine is not enough how about a suspension? that would show the coaches that the league isnt playing. same goes for kidd even though i cant say for sure because i missed that game.. but i watched the ravens game and know for a fact the coach deliberately did it. look at his eyes/ he is looking sideways at the guy coming toward him. he knows exactly wth he doing

  3. The Poe quote was even more poignant since it was a Baltimore team. But, I expect our urbane leader also meant the quote in that regard.

  4. In the next game between the two teams, a player needs to cruise into the sidelines and blindside this schmuck.

  5. I have seen a flag thrown just because a coach was in the “white strip” for refs, much less causing interference.

  6. Lol! Prediction: If the Steelers don’t make the playoffs, then Mike Tomlin will be fired. The Florida Gators, USC Trojans, and maybe the Texas Longhorns will be looking for a new coach within a couple of years (Florida and USC needs one immediately)?

  7. See that line?
    No, not the six inch wide line denoting the yard…
    … Look at the THREE FOOT WIDE STRIPE denoting the boarder of the field of play.

    I bet Mike Tomlin didn’t notice where he was standing…
    … But knew what yard they were on.

  8. I think a fine is in order as he was clearly on the field of play when he shouldn’t be. This would apply even if it was unintentional, which doesn’t appear to be the case. The NBA fined Jason Kidd $50,000 for spilling a drink on the court with seconds left in a close game because his team was out of time outs.

  9. @F Braun – If the Rooney family is as honorable as you say they are, they’ll fire Tomlin. Pro football shouldn’t countenance cheats like him.

  10. My eyesight is good enough for my opinion on this one. Tomlin is on the line, He impeded the action on the field. No excuse. There should have been a flag thrown. …. This is true regardless of intention.
    This is a NFL coach. Field awareness is his duty, responsibility, and his job. Big fail Mike.

  11. Clearly a playing field violation. I assume that the teams are supposed to remain off the white sideline and that it is made wide so for protection. I am also assuming there is a foul for team interference and I think it should have been called. Fifteen yards or half the distance would seem appropriate as unsportsmanlike conduct. A possible league fine or suspension would be reasonable if it was felt he did it intentionally.

  12. The Rooney family is a class act & Dan – Obama ambassador to Ireland is the head of the Steeler organization – is honorable. His opinion I would like to hear before any sanctions are considered

  13. Coach (or anybody else working for the team) on the field? And in the path of a player? (As the photograph shows). they should forfeit the touchdown; give the Ravens the 6 points immediately and a chance at a FG no matter how it might have turned out.

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