28 thoughts on “Find The Kitteh Contest”

  1. AY,
    I don’t think embedded videos are a problem, except maybe to whoever made the video. YouTube takes down videos all the time for borrowing without permission, but that is not the problem of the person linking to the video. Other than your embedded video disappears. The rule on most sites for copying and pasting excerpts from copyrighted material is four paragraphs max, then link to the rest. Links to SoundCloud or videos where the channel is owned by the copyright holder should be no problem.

    If a work is in Creative Commons, credit is supposed to be given. As far as audio clips are concerned, you might see if what you want is on SoundCloud, and just link to it, like this great song by Leonard Cohen:
    Show Me the Place

  2. Nal,

    If I’m correct this website is exempt from trademark and copyright laws as it’s educational and not for profit…. I may stand to be corrected….. But I think that’s still the law…. Also, when someone posts something it’s not for personal gain or used to deceive the true owner of its use or intended purposes or economic gain etc……… Yadda, yadda, yadda …. Something called the Fair Use Doctrine….

  3. Blouise,

    JT’s web site won’t let me upload any tunes because they’re too big. It’s just as well, the RIAA goons are everywhere.

  4. Nal,

    Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for the return of the mighty Kitteh which I could not find without the aid of the red circle … and OS’s spoiler comment.

    You keep me humble, ol’ boy.

    (Whatever happened to the tunes? You probably explained at one point and I missed it.)

  5. About that “trackback” @SimpleJustice ~ I’m a cat lover, I come here specifically for the Find the Kitteh hunts. I find it personally comforting to know I’m not the only one in the blawgosphere who deals with jealousy of a teenaged mindset.

  6. Think first time I saw him in the email before I came to the page. I’m so proud ((*_*))

  7. Takin’ over the Blog-o-sphere one kitteh at a time, David.

    Oh yeah.

    People often ask me, “Gene! How come your cookin’ is so damn good?” I tell them, “I have a secret ingredient. Only the finest fur from the bellies of kittehs.” It can be used to wipe down counters too. That is the finest kitchen appliance/ingredient on the market.

  8. Check out the Traceback at the bottom of the comments.

    Scott Greenfield at Simple Justice didn’t get his blog nominated by the ABA this year. He’s in good company, a lot of good law blogs didn’t make it. But, don’t hate the cute kitteh pictures.

  9. Questions: What recourse do the people have re our corrupt supreme court judges? Our corrupt pentagon???  Please answer.  Thank you.   Best, Angela Parker

    It’s all about your uniqueness, but it’s not all about you.

    It takes a long time to grow an old friend. – John Leonard

  10. Found it pretty quickly this time. There have been several where I never found it at all, but for some reason, my eye went straight to the package of tissues. Good job, good pic.

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