12 thoughts on “How To Work Out Your Corgi”

  1. We only got 4 inches of snow up here, but we did get the cold associated with your storm before it went East. It has been amazingly cold for this time of year. Great video of a simple exercise program for a dog!!

  2. Does a Corgi always turn that device in the same direction. Is it clockwise or counterclockwise? The guy spun the thing. If it was left to the dog, which way would it be? I am betting on counterclockwise.

  3. RWL 1, December 9, 2013 at 10:43 am

    Lol@ Prof. JT:

    It’s still unbelievable that a few electric companies refuse to ‘run the wires’ underground?
    “Groups of microbes have been shown to devise feeding routes as efficient as our human engineers. In one study, scientists drew a map of England on a large agar plate and placed food on the map in the positions of England’s nine largest cities. A group of microbes were placed on the spot representing London. Very quickly and efficiently, the microbes developed roads to the other cities. The routes were almost identical to the real human engineered roads, except that one of the microbes’ routes was more efficient.” (Microbes – Problem Solving). In the video of the lecture of Dr. Ben-Jacob above he says “our treatment of cancer is STUPID” because we do not understand microbial cognition.

  4. Lol@ Prof. JT:

    It’s still unbelievable that a few electric companies refuse to ‘run the wires’ underground?

  5. Get enough of the corgis and you might be able to pull a wagon down hill….

  6. On the topic of power and Corgi: On the Eighth Day God created Dog: To watch over mankind and give him guidance. Dog can show man the greater circle of life. In this case we have a demonstration of Corgi power. The human has been taught to join the circle and enjoy the ride. The video is a powerful statement. No pun intended. Better that the lights are out so that humans stop to smell the roses.

  7. This would be a good way to teach children about Potential Energy (dog) and Kinetic Energy (dog on carousel) as well as the philosophic notion that the dog and the carousel quickly become one..

  8. Some private architects and NASA projects are using microbes to design better systems of all types (roads, smart power grids, etc.).

    The following video by Dr. Esher Ben-Jacob (a NASA consultant, professor, neural chip designer, etc.) which gives hope for better future engineering by learning from microbial entities.

  9. I lucked out this time (probably because I rented a back-up generator just in case) however ~270,000 other folk around the area were not so lucky.

    Power line folks from many states came to the rescue.

    I am sure that is the case there too.

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