Waitress in Alleged Tip Hoax Is Reportedly Fired By Restaurant

gay2.jpgreceipt27n-6-webWe previously discussed the lesbian waitress in New Jersey, Dayna Morales, 22, who attracted international attention after being denied a tip by a family which allegedly wrote on the check that they did “not agree with your lifestyle.” The family later came forward with evidence suggesting that Morales had lied and that not only did she receive a tip from them but that they supported gay rights. We have been discussing the growing evidence that Morales appears to have lied — particularly after former friends can forward to say that she has a history of habitual lying. The question that we discussed was her criminal and civil liability after she and the restaurant attracted thousands of customers and donations after the national media covered her alleged mistreatment. Now, the restaurant has said that they have let Morales go and that all donations will be returned.

The story below is reporting is that she was “fired.” However, it is not clear how all the tips as well as the donations would be returned since most were likely cash donations. Moreover, as noted earlier, it is a bit late when weeks went by without any recorded donations to the Wounded Warrior charity, as promised. The question is whether the police will open an investigation. The story of the hoax has received less national coverage than the original story.

The restaurant itself does not publicly state that she was fired. It issued a statement that “[i]n light of … recent events, both Ms. Morales and Gallop Asian Bistro have made a joint decision that Ms. Morales will no longer continue her employment at our restaurant. We wish her well in the future.”

The question is what that future will hold. Do you feel that Morales should be prosecuted — not for the lie but the windfall of tips and donations?

Source: NY Post

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  1. I see her competing on “Dancing With the Stars” against George Zimmerman. Too bad OJ will be in jail or he could get in on it, too. I don’t know when a lineup like that would be possible, I just know OJ will be in jail.

  2. i would like to know if she is enjoying the spotlight? and im being sarcastic in saying that simply because in reading the stories from her friends or ex co workers she always made up fantastic stories that put her front and center.

    and it just so happens she finally told the one story that put her front and center alright the center of the world and now no one will ever believe anything that comes out of her mouth… If she manages to get another job now she will be watched like a hawk.

    I hope this young lady gets help i dont profess to understand pathological liars but something in their life is seriously wrong… i unfortunately have a cousin who is a pathological liar and by the time we were in our late teens i stopped having any dealings with her because she kept getting the family caught up in her mess…. this past spring we reconnected and i was hoping and praying that times had changed for her and she was over all that i mean we are now grandmothers.. but alas it didnt take me long to realize she changed alright!! for the worse. and after 2 days i had to send her and her grand kids packing. and have had no contact with her since…. the lies they tell are stupid and outrageous as witnessed by this girl who obviously never thought this would hit the news and go world wide nor that the family would step up to defend themselves.. but if she is anything like my cousin it wont stop her and she is probably somewhere right now telling anyone who will listen how everyone lied but her. and how she had proof of what happened and yet they managed to blame me anyway etc etc etc

  3. Jude you made a statement that Morales “didn’t trick them”. You are completely wrong, she did trick those people by lying about the issue. If she would have not lied ,then those people would not have donated anything. She needs to go to jail. All this will teach her is that she get away with it again. She is an adult and she knew better. Morales did this w/o thinking this could hurt her and the family. There are a lot crazy people out there and they would kill over anything stupid like this.

  4. This entire affair is a shining example of engaging in petty activity for bad purposes and it mushroom out of control for the person. Always it is better to avoid such situations, to state the obvious.

  5. If she solicited extra tips or donations so that she could then donate it to the charity and then did not and kept the money for herself I would say there is probable cause to arrest for theft. (by deception).

  6. A very sad story about a young lady who seems to have a real problem with the truth.

  7. Am I counting right? Turley has done THREE posts on this? And this is really important, how?

    But as long as he is taking the space, I might as well use it. The one thing I have learned from this terrible, terrible, horrific crime is that Wounded Warriors is not a very highly regarded organization. Too much to fund raising – too little to the warriors.

  8. I don’t think she should be prosecuted. People gave the money because they wanted to. She didn’t force them to or even trick them into it in anyway. She made up a story that was not necessarily meant to commit fraud.

  9. A smarter restaurant than the one Mark E blogged about recently: “Minding Your “P”s and “P”s: Richmond (Va) Restaurateur Defends “Right” To Video Customers In Bathrooms”

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