DWE: Driving While Elf

brandontouchetOf all of the pitiful mug shots that we have seen through the years, the sorrowful Santa’s helper in Louisiana. Indeed, Brandon Touchet, 34, who apparently got a bit too jolly while dressed as Buddy the elf. He brought back some fond memories of my old home of Lafayette where I lived while clerking for Judge Eugene Davis of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit.

Touchet was stopped at 3 AM Sunday driving above the speed limit and the police reported that the naughty elf smelled of booze and slurred his speech. He blew a .124 (over the .08 limit in Louisiana). Presumably, his counsel will argue that the BAL level is for humans not elves who have a greater tolerance for alcohol used to warm them in the cold North Pole winters. Besides, you try working in a non-union shop 364 days a year for a guy who does not even charge for toys and talks to animals.

He is not the first elf to be nailed stinking of brandy-laced egg nog and peppermint schnapps.

Source: Smoking Gun

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  1. I’m trying not to laugh about the drunken elf but I can’t help it. This can certainly be the result of imbibing on too much holiday egg nog. It makes you reconsider that peppermint schnapps!

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    Driving While Elf — “He is not the first elf to be nailed stinking of brandy-laced egg nog and peppermint schnapps.” Also, make sure to read our last post, which includes holiday cocktail suggestions and resources to know before you go.

  3. Please don’t attach this drunk to Buddy the Elf. Our family watch that and Bad Santa every year..ying/yang. They’re both equally hilarious in very different ways.

  4. I am familiar with that part of the world as well. Ever been to a Louisiana Cajun wedding?

  5. I wonder if the drunk elf in the video can claim the green, curled toe shoes made him unable to perform Field Sobriety Tests correctly.

    Funny how the “Couple at a Christmas Party” aka “I’ve had two beers officer” answer is used by drunk elves as well.

  6. He will run into the “short people prejudice” best articulated by Randy Newman about the New Orleans attitude toward short people. Many of you are familiar with the lyrics. Basically Randy exclaims that short people got no reason to live. To exist. They have little bitty eyes, and little bitty feet and little bitty voices that go peep peep peep. We don want no short people round here. That is his refrain. If you Google: Short People. lyrics. You will get the whole thing. That little elf is up itShay Creek without a paddle.

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