Major U.S. Academic Group Joins Boycott Of Israel

israel1There is a major development in the movement among universities and colleges to boycott Israeli universities over objections to its treatment of the Palestinians. The influential American Studies Association on Monday endorsed the boycott with mover 3000 of its members voting and 66 percent supporting the action as a response what they view as a pattern of human rights violations by Israel. It is a major victory for academics pushing for cutting off ties to Israeli educations institutions.

The association passed the endorsement of the boycott with the statement that “The ASA condemns the United States’ significant role in aiding and abetting Israel’s violations of human rights against Palestinians and its occupation of Palestinian lands through its use of the veto in the UN Security Council.”

The boycott is beginning to impact academics in Israel, a major part of the country’s economy and culture. A similar boycott against Israeli products has been expanding with many stores pledging not to buy products from the country.

The academic boycott not only calls for cutting off ties to Israeli institutions but divestment and sanctions against Israel. It has even greater support in Europe.

Kenneth Stern of the New York-based American Jewish Committee objected to the American Studies Association’s vote “abhorrent.”

Notably, the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) opposes the boycott as a violation of academic freedom — a legitimate concern. However, the ASA insists that it is not limiting individual collaboration on scholarship and only “formal partnership[s] with or sponsorship[s] by Israeli academic institutions.”

Here is the ASA resolution:

American Studies Association Resolution on Academic Boycott of Israel

December 4, 2013

Whereas the American Studies Association is committed to the pursuit of social justice, to the struggle against all forms of racism, including anti-semitism, discrimination, and xenophobia, and to solidarity with aggrieved peoples in the United States and in the world;

Whereas the United States plays a significant role in enabling the Israeli occupation of Palestine and the expansion of illegal settlements and the Wall in violation of international law, as well as in supporting the systematic discrimination against Palestinians, which has had documented devastating impact on the overall well-being, the exercise of political and human rights, the freedom of movement, and the educational opportunities of Palestinians;

Whereas there is no effective or substantive academic freedom for Palestinian students and scholars under conditions of Israeli occupation, and Israeli institutions of higher learning are a party to Israeli state policies that violate human rights and negatively impact the working conditions of Palestinian scholars and students;

Whereas the American Studies Association is cognizant of Israeli scholars and students who are critical of Israeli state policies and who support the international boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) movement under conditions of isolation and threat of sanction;

Whereas the American Studies Association is dedicated to the right of students and scholars to pursue education and research without undue state interference, repression, and military violence, and in keeping with the spirit of its previous statements supports the right of students and scholars to intellectual freedom and to political dissent as citizens and scholars;

It is resolved that the American Studies Association (ASA) endorses and will honor the call of Palestinian civil society for a boycott of Israeli academic institutions. It is also resolved that the ASA supports the protected rights of students and scholars everywhere to engage in research and public speaking about Israel-Palestine and in support of the boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) movement.

Source: ABCNews

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  1. Jonathan Turley, you seem to have no opinion on this (or are perhaps timid about stating it), since you haven’t blogged one.

    I’m not awake enough to write mine, so I’ll link to Jeffrey Goldberg’s:

    An excerpt: “Savvier scapegoaters know how indispensably important it is to deny singling out the world’s one Jewish country for discriminatory treatment simply because it is Jewish. When asked “Why Israel?” they are ready with an answer: “Because Israel is a uniquely evil country.”

    Marez, an earnest but unskilled propagandist, failed this very basic test. When New York Times reporter Richard Perez-Pena asked him why Israel, alone among the countries of the world, was chosen for excoriation and isolation — the ASA has heretofore boycotted no other country — Marez “did not dispute that many nations, including many of Israel’s neighbors, are generally judged to have human rights records that are worse than Israel’s, or comparable.” Marez then compounded his error by telling Perez-Pena, in his organization’s defense, that ‘one has to start somewhere.'”

    Also, a tweet from Virginia Postrel:

    American Studies Assn votes to fuel popular belief that humanists are nasty, scholarship-hating ideologues

  2. Will this same group boycott Saudi Arabia, Dubai, the United Arab Emirates or China? Probably not because there is gold in those hills. American Universities are fanning out across the world dealing with dictators and theocracies that oppress women, men and children without distinction. Boycotting Israel is about a lot more that concern about human rights… It is an age old problem.

    Will this same group boycott UK Universities that believe that women are really second class citizens? No because of course women are expendable.

    What a bunch of hypocrites! Follow the money!

  3. This boy is going to call for a boycott of American Universities. They have long deeply herded traditions of racial segregation in fraternities and sororities. Google: Segregated Sororities in Alabama. If American schools are going to treat black people like Palestinians then those schools need to be boycotted. The graduates need to be denied employment. Alphabetically you can start with Alabama and keep going past Ol Miss.
    If you are in favor of Jordanians who live on the West Bank of the Jordan River then lobby for Jordan to take back that territory. The six day war back in 1967 was too short. It is kind of like those Mexicans who stayed on in Texas after Texas seceded from Mexico. Or those Mexicans in New Mexico. Or those folks from Cardinal Nation living on the West Bank of the Mississippi. We need a Cardinal Nation State on the West Bank. Boycott Illinois if they object.

  4. I usually do not reply to dogs, but this one is too off the wall to ignore. The examples cited do NOT apply at all. The Mexicans who stayed became US CITIZENS if they wished. The Palestinians are barred from becoming Israeli citizens and have no rights that are respected. Too bad your knowledge of US history is so bad.

    The segregation of fraternal organizations is NOT mandated by law, nor are classes segregated. Plus the fact that such private clubs are NOT required by any law to take any and all comers. In fact no church or synagogue is required to take any person just because they ask.

  5. “This boy is going to call for a boycott of American Universities. They have long deeply herded traditions of racial segregation in fraternities and sororities.”


    It does seem like we’re dealing here with situational ethics.

  6. The eternal question is if you target one example of injustice and you don’t target the others, then are you a hypocrite? Israel is unique as it receives almost unfettered support from the US and most other western nations. The core of its people have been targeted for centuries, especially by the Germans and other Europeans in WW2. However, Israel today and since its foundation has been moving in the same direction America did in the 1800’s regarding the ethnic cleansing of the West of its original inhabitants.

    Their flag is that thousands of years ago their god gave them this land. They have suffered enough and deserve it. They will take no guff from anyone. “Carpet bomb the Palestinians.” (as stated by a member of the Knesset who a few years earlier immigrated from Russia).

    The issue is human rights, not Israeli human rights, not Palestinian human rights, not Arab human rights, but human rights. In this regard, Israel is sorely wanting, regardless of how much its people have suffered and how deficient other nations, including ours, is in this arena.

    Tough to stand up for something or against it when you are on one side or the other.

  7. Sorry Isaac, justice Holmes had it right. Israel has its problems, but there are far far worse offender when it comes to human rights. And the US is very cozy with most. Follow the money.

  8. “They will take no guff from anyone. “Carpet bomb the Palestinians.” (as stated by a member of the Knesset who a few years earlier immigrated from Russia).”


    Selective quotation does not a case make.

    “Drive the Israeli’s into the Sea”. Re-quoted various times by many people and included in the PLO’s statement of purpose.

    “However, Israel today and since its foundation has been moving in the same direction America did in the 1800′s regarding the ethnic cleansing of the West of its original inhabitants.”

    I suggest that you apply yourself to really studying both histories you cite since what has occurred in Israel in no way is analogous to what happened to the native Americans. however, the necessities of propaganda are such that it is important for the Arab side to defuse what was perpetrated in the Shoah in order to paint the Israeli’s in genocidal terms, thus ending any sympathy people may have because of the history of Jewish oppression. As far as the U.S. being so supportive of Israel I’ve dealt with that myth many times here, but the propaganda of oil money is pervasive and overwhelming.

  9. I am confused here about names. It is George Dubl-U Bush, not George Dubai Bush. Grandad was George Hiram Walker Bush. Oh, and the Palestinians have a great human rights record. I have one recommendation for you though. Do not be a dog on the West Bank of the Jordan River. That is where Saint Peter sends one to perdition for being a bad human on Earth. A dog on the West Bank is hanging by his hind feet (alive) in a food market, usually an outdoor market. The Israelis object to this treatment but the Jordanians say that it is part of their “Heritage”. I guess its kind of like those segregated sororities at Ol Miss.
    These bigots call themselves an “academic” group?

  10. MS this is NOT a Dubai university! It is NYU teaching in that country apart from the government and any local university. Big difference between this and having institutional links with a local school that is government supported and run as Israeli schools are. I guess that one would have to denounce any US university that has an extension in Red China too or any other objectionable regime.

  11. I am going to join the ASA and then file a motion to Boycott New York City. The police in NYC stop and frisk black people for being black people. The cops and the Mayor (a Jew by the way) says that it cuts down on crime. I believe that this is discrimination. I call for a Boycott against the City and all companies who do business there, including Bloomberg News. If you are going to be a bear be a grizzly.

  12. MS I agree that there is no comparison to what the US did in regards to the Native Americans and what Israel is doing since Israel is far worse. The fact is that the Native Americans were FAR outnumbered by the settlers and indeed became US citizens as well as having their tribal territories. The treaties that were signed gave compensation to them in return for cession of their range land. While it is true that they were cheated out of the goods and living materials that they were promised in many cases, it was not US policy to do that. Then there is the fact that the Native Americans were not settled peoples tied to the land in settlements for the most part except for some tribes in the east. The Palestinians are in the main town residents and farmers who have centuries ties to their land. Israel has NO desire and will NOT allow the conquered people to join in Israeli society as equals, and is true in the US for our Native Americans.

  13. I won’t be going down this ME rabbit much more then to point out the political theater season of Lame Duck US Prez run for foreign policy cover always about this time.

    They seem to think they need something else to put on the news so they drag out the ole reliable ME crap.

    You know if we/US weren’t there they’d still want to sell Oil/Ngas & would.

    If you like the ME rabbit hole I’d suggest the book: American House of Saud & the Secret Petrodollar Connection.

    If the Arab cousins of the Arabs in Israel keep refusing to take them into there nations well I guess they are just screwed, but don’t cry me a river House of Saud Terrorist/Bandar Bush Nazi types.

    Now it’s been a while for me looking close at this subject, but I think this poster below points out a subject I remember. (& Ph’em is still my position)

    canaan writes:

    in response to gpep3:

    Demnitude–I think I got it right. Under Islam, minorities must live in demnitude. Something I remember from my Islamic studies. Under the Caliph, if you behaved according to special rules from the mullahs, Jews and Christians could live. Yellow cloaks, dunce caps, stuff like that. Make a mistake, you and your family are forced to convert, or die. I can give you examples. There is no such thing as living in peace with muslims when they are in the majority. Ask any Hindu Indian.

  14. Good subject. About time Israel’s suppressive policies were exposed. Still, I cannot trust this group to cover it well, being selective & inaccurate in what it accepts & rejects as true & false.

  15. “I guess that one would have to denounce any US university that has an extension in Red China too or any other objectionable regime.”

    I think that is true considering the human rights history of these places, but then perhaps some choose to pick and choose which human rights issues to pay attention to.

    “MS I agree that there is no comparison to what the US did in regards to the Native Americans and what Israel is doing since Israel is far worse.”


    I normally respect your intelligence and your comments on most things. This statement, however, and the balance of your comment are hyperbolic nonsense. It is seemingly a defense of the U.S. treatment of Native Americans that is completely un-historic and amazingly naive. My thought is that since you start with a pre-judgment against Israel’s legitimacy, you are forced to twist logic into justifying your opinion. I believe you can do better than that.

    The facts are that those Arabs indigenous to the Palestine Territory were urged to leave their homes by the attacking massed, Arab forces so as not to impede their march to drive the Jews into the sea. About 500,000 fled despite Israeli pleas for them to remain. Israel, under armed and outnumbered defeated the well equipped massed invaders. The U.S. had an arms embargo against Israel and refused it aid in any way. That’s the history, but literally billion$ of oil dollars have been spent to re-write it and the propaganda seems to have worked with you.

  16. “Demnitude–I think I got it right. Under Islam, minorities must live in demnitude. Something I remember from my Islamic studies.”


    You are on the right track. The Koran teaches that it is unacceptable for Jews or Christians to live as citizens equal to Muslims in Islamic lands. This is the heart of the problem. Israel’s existence as a Jewish State is considered an anathema to Islam. There is much criticism by those who hate Israel that it calls itself a “Jewish State”, but few of those critics object to the rest of the countries in the ME as being Muslim States. A double standard of hypocrisy in my opinion. Also too the greatest violations of human rights in this world is the inequitable treatment of women, that is the ME standard in all nations there, but Israel.

  17. We need to work on the problems of poverty, religious oppression (using religion to oppress people), animal abuse, violence, illiteracy, greed, climate change. Rather than boycotting Israeli Universities, could there be an agreement requiring that cooperation among universities around the world includes prioritizing finding solutions to those problems?

  18. I do not usually reply to jets but when you are a jet you’re a jet all the way. But I want our colleges and universities to boycott all repressive countries and hence schools within those repressive countries. Turkey is a good place to start. They repress the Kurds in a big way. England is rough on the Irish but that is old hat. The Cherokees got rode out of Dodge in a trail of tears but that is old hat. The New Yorkies are biggots and treat minorities like dirt. The stop and frisk routine is kinda like the Kurds get in Turkey. The terrorists who come to New York are not locals and so the focus on the black guys is over the top. So, if you have a kid at NYU ask him to transfer to Rutgers. If you are a school principal do not buy books from suppliers in NYC. Boycott Jay Leno.

    When you’re a jet, you’re a jet.
    You’re a Jet all the way!
    From your first cigarette to you’re last dying day.


    I guess a “randy” jet is a horny jet.

  19. So how does this benefit the students or prospective students in either side of this? Limiting the opportunities of students because of the actions of government, for which the students have no power to change, runs in my view against the goal of higher education.

  20. I agree with Justice Holmes and others that to single out the Israeli treatment of Palestinians without including many other countries, including the US, is hypocritical.

  21. “In October 2007, New York University announced its intention to open a complete branch campus in Abu Dhabi, financed by the Abu Dhabi government.[6] The Abu Dhabi campus was planned by New York University, and the funding mainly came from the Government of the United Arab Emirates.” WIKI

  22. MS I too regard your comments as well grounded in logic and facts. Unfortunately, you have a knee jerk reaction to any criticism of Israel which I understand, but just as I have no hesitation hitting the US government for its misdeeds and crimes, I would have hope you would take a similar view of Israel. I notice that you offer no factual rebuttal to my observations on US governmental policy towards the Native Americans. I have done extensive reading and research in this area, and I recommend two books I recently read, Mayflower, and Trail of Tears which I just finished a month ago. I have also read and have in my library Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee which was probably the first book I read on the subject. All of these are excellent books. I also read a bio of President Grant, who had a very progressive policy towards the Indians, and he appointed the first Native American to head the Bureau of Indian Affairs and did his best to be just to them. I think you need to get beyond the standard view of too many which is that the US committed genocide against them. That is simply UNTRUE. In fact, on the trail of tears, only 234 died and that was mainly due to Ross, a Cherokee, being the contractor to provide for supplies and transport. Had it been left to the US Army, it probably would have been done better.

    As for my presumed hatred or disallowance of the legitimacy of the state of Israel, I can only guess that you forgot my posts in support of the IDF attacking and killing Hamas in Gaza. I am always in favor of killing fascists of any stripe be they Jews, Palestinians, Muslims, Germans, Americans,etc.. There is no question as to the legitimacy of Israel if for no other reason that they are recognized and full members of the UN and are an established fact. The justice of the founding of Israel is a moot point and is fruitless to debate it. I think that I know a LOT more than you about Israel and the IDF since I recommend van Creveld’s book The Sword and the Olive which I also have read.

    I see that you simply either lie, or ignore the crimes that Israel has done en masse against the Palestinians. Israel did NOT ask Palestinians to stay since it was the Haganah which drove out the Palestinians from Haifa at GUNPOINT on pain of DEATH! Then there is the little matter of Deir Yassin in which over 200 men,women and children Palestinians were slaughtered by the Irgun to promote the exodus of all non Jews. No rational independent observer can ignore those FACTS. Then we have the fact that prior to 1948, the word terrorist was applied to Israeli Jewish Zionists who developed the letter bombs which they sent to Britain to blow off the hands and kill secretaries in London. The fact is that Israel has pardoned the assassins of Count Bernadotte who was the victim of Israeli terrorists while he was trying to end the war. How can you overlook such criminals and terrorists except that you think that YOUR terrorists are good ones? This is just as bad as the Muslim extremists of Hamas and is just as outrageous.

    If you read The Sword and the Olive, you will find that Israelis were not outnumbered or outgunned. In FACT is was the other way around. The UN and the west had an arms embargo against all arms to the region which was quite effective against the Arabs, but less so against the Israelis. At the founding of Israel, it was viewed by most as a very left wing government and the US establishment was against supporting them. Stalin though thought quite well of them since they had communists in the government. So Stalin had Czechoslovakia break the arms embargo that the UN imposed. Almost all of their weapons came from Czechoslovakia, and the nascent Israeli Air Force had most of its fighters ME-109s from that country too. The Arabs had no such arms source and suffered the consequences. I have read about the first Israeli pilots who fought in that first war and I loved the irony that Nazi aircraft were in large part responsible for Israel’s victory. Later the Israelis got the blueprints for the Mirage fighters and were building their own planes, and then they got license to build them since Dassault was Jewish and had fought in WWII. As we saw in 1967, they FAR outclassed the Migs. In any case, the armed forces in 1948 were very small compared to what exists now.

    I doubt that oil money has anything to do with van Creveld since he is a veteran of the IDF and is a well respected military writer and can hardly be called an anti-Semite. I suggest you read his book first before you buy the Israeli propaganda crap. I also have first hand eyewitness accounts of how the Israelis treat UN peacekeepers, and Israeli Palestinians. They are all pilots who I worked with. One of them was in the Danish military at a UN observer post. The Israelis loved to blow past his post and machine gun it as they went buy. They thought it was funny to see them all jump for their lives. He came out of that experience hating Israelis. Big surprise, which also explains why the countries who sent people under the UN are among the leading critics of Israel. The dumbos must forget that these UN peacekeepers have families and friends and when they get back home, they tell of their experiences.

    Another fellow pilot who is now a United airlines captain is an Israeli Arab. He got out of Israel and came to the US because he knew he had NO future in Israel. When he goes home to visit family in Israel, it normally takes at least three hours before they let him in. They subject him to hours long grilling even though he is in his United Airlines uniform, has all kinds of security badges and clearances. The whole point as he thought is to discourage him from coming back to Israel since he is a bad example for other Arab Israelis. In the vernacular of the old South, he is an uppity nigger to them. It is an article of faith and treatment of Arab Israelis that they are inferior to Jews, and this is reflected in all of their laws. IT is this kind of thing that I protest against and any US universities having ties to Israeli universities. As for other countries having worse records, that is true, but in NONE of those do we taxpayers pay over $4 BILLION/yr as we do Israel.

  23. WOW!!!!! all im gonna do is shake my head…. it was said this time was coming. that the people would begin to wake up.. to the bizwog and the libor

  24. i would recommend reading money the 12th and final religion. also the caliphate of bizwog.

    im not going to debate the good or bad of israel ive made my OPINIONS known from the beginning all one has to do is research and not research what was and is put out by the corporations minions but by those who were hurt,killed,maimed, and destroyed.

    no one hates israel at least not that i know of.. what we do is hate those involved in destroying the innocent, destroying history, and feeling like we the people were put here to be their slaves. that we are to fund their atrocities against the rest of the world..

    there are 12 tribes what makes one religion supreme over 12 tribes?

  25. There’s always somebody worse and there will always will be. That doesn’t make silence regarding Israel mandatory or appropriate until a condemnation or action regarding some other bad actor is taken. That concept, depending on ones personal or political outlook would silence every criticism of every bad actor. It’s a distraction, some perversion of the false equivalency requirement seen on every MSM news show.

    The US has been a supporter of Israel, rhetorically, politically and economically since its founding. Those we hold so close are not the nations we should fail to, or make the last to, criticize or attempt to try to influence, they should be the first. Israel is doing things that deserve condemnation and they are doing them with our assistance since we provided them with a great deal of aid/support and have plans to continue to do so.

  26. Thank you, Lotta.

    There has been no response to the Max Blumenthal book and video. Can it possibly be because you refuse to view it? Could it be that it may make you uncomfortable? There were a lot of fast and perhaps facile responses to Turley’s post. That’s fine. But if you are assured that your position is correct, then what have you to fear from looking at this?

    I respect your right to disagree. I do not respect an unwillingness to another POV.

  27. As long as the Dubai government does not dictate who and what may be taught, I guess it might pass muster, but I am disturbed that the government has financed this. It may well be time to pull the plug on this one too.

  28. Mike, you have finally found a topic on which we disagree.

    The facts are that those Arabs indigenous to the Palestine Territory were urged to leave their homes by the attacking massed, Arab forces so as not to impede their march to drive the Jews into the sea. About 500,000 fled despite Israeli pleas for them to remain.

    This is the Zionist narrative about Israel’s war of establishment of the state and because of well warranted shame about failure to do anything to protect Jews from the Nazi genocide western nations were reluctant to question it. One part of the war plan for the establishment of the Jewish state was Plan Dalit which as Israeli historian Ilan Pappe puts it – “is a detailed description of the methods to be used to forcibly evict the people: large–scale intimidation; and laying siege to and bombarding population centres”.

    The order in which events occurred was that plan Dalit was implemented by massacring enough Palestinians to get the others moving and destroying villages so they had nothing to which to return.. Both genocide and ethnic cleansing involve murder but in the case of ethnic cleansing the proportions murdered are smaller 1 or 2 percent. Maybe the Jews told the adjacent Arab states to warn the Palestinians to leave and the adjacent nations did in fact broadcast warnings but the reason the Palestinians fled was the ethnic cleansing. The invasion by the armies of adjacent Arab nations was a response to the ethnic cleansing.

    Here is an article on plan Dalit.

  29. Most people who are faced with a war happening on their front doorstep, take sensible actions to GET THE HELL OUT of there. If the war is to the front, they go the opposite way. If the front line stalls out, they will go where there is less shooting in any direction which will offer relative safety. That is not unusual since I had to do the same thing when hurricane Ike came through and leveled much of my house and barn and crushed my work car. That is normal to get out of harms way.

    What the Israelis did was to refuse to let the owners back into their homes once the shooting had stopped. They then used the color of “law” to permanently dispossess them. That is also ILLEGAL and a WAR CRIME by the way. So please try and use some sense in this matter and not fall for the propaganda.

  30. pdm
    1, December 17, 2013 at 5:50 pm
    Thank you, Lotta.

    There has been no response to the Max Blumenthal book and video. Can it possibly be because you refuse to view it? Could it be that it may make you uncomfortable? There were a lot of fast and perhaps facile responses to Turley’s post. That’s fine. But if you are assured that your position is correct, then what have you to fear from looking at this?

    pdm, that second para was not to me was it? It was a follow-up to Mike was it not?

  31. “There has been no response to the Max Blumenthal book and video. Can it possibly be because you refuse to view it?”


    I know it’s hard for people to believe it but I do have a life beyond this blog. Of course I’ll view your link, but it has been a long active day and I’m ready to hop into bed and read a good book to put this old codger to bed. I’ll watch it and reply to you some time tomorrow. I’ll also have a few things to respond to Randyjet as well. But for now good night.:)

  32. Thanks, Mike. Sorry. I “harped”. I’m glad you ignored me and got to bed.

    Lotta. Most certainly not directed at you. It was mainly directed at Mike and he has kindly taken me up on it. I also hoped some others who, IMO, too easily reject any opposition to Israeli policies – most especially those who maintain any opposition is anti-Semetic.

  33. From pdm’s link at 4:05 pm on 12/17 James Fallows writes:
    “[Blumenthal] has found a group of people he identifies as extremists in Israel—extreme in their belief that Arabs have no place in their society, extreme in their hostility especially to recent non-Jewish African refugees, extreme in their seeming rejection of the liberal-democratic vision of Israel’s future. He says: These people are coming, and they’re taking Israeli politics with them. As he put it in a recent interview with Salon, the book is “an unvarnished view of Israel at its most extreme.” Again, the power of his book is not that Blumenthal disagrees with these groups. Obviously he does. It comes from what he shows.”
    There is a large extremist element in Israel. Personally, I’ve commented here through the years about my dislike and disagreement with Netanyahu, the Likud Party, the Ultra-Orthodox Fundamentalists and organizations like AIPAC. Not only do I find the actions of this element disturbing but I believe they are both counter-productive and destructive to Israel. What is your point though in the context of this discussion? If I were to do a similar video in America I could find exactly the same racism and extremism. As a point of fact I could find it in Great Britain, Russia, France, Germany and in almost all the countries in the world. Sweden and Norway currently have a large right wing racist faction decrying the “foreigners” in their country and that faction is gaining political power.
    I can only conclude that your point is really about the nature of Israel itself and the belief that the Israeli’s “stole” the land from its Arab occupants. Coming from that position then it is a bitter irony that Israeli’s are protesting other immigrants to their country and certainly paints Israel and its government as hypocritically racist, therefore not worthy of support. I reject that argument, as I will get to in what promises to be a rather long comment.
    From Pdm at 5:50pm on 12/17:
    “There has been no response to the Max Blumenthal book and video. Can it possibly be because you refuse to view it? Could it be that it may make you uncomfortable? There were a lot of fast and perhaps facile responses to Turley’s post. That’s fine. But if you are assured that your position is correct, then what have you to fear from looking at this?”
    I’ve already explained and you’ve accepted, that I didn’t reply to you yesterday because I simply had not read my E mail from this blog until 11:30pm last evening. However, Pdm you do make certain snarky inferences as to why I didn’t respond to you with the rapidity. When it comes to responding in this forum I have a record of not only being willing to ponder presented information, but to always respond and even admit when I’m wrong when so proven. You have proven to be a good participant here on this blog and there is much we both agree on.
    Truthfully, it is a slight annoyance that you didn’t at least give me the respect I’ve possibly garnered from my manner of commenting here. I suspect that is because I have been outspokenly proud about my being Jewish and the mythology that is rife in America is that all Jews slavishly support all Israeli policies. Now before you react viscerally to the previous sentence by thinking I’m about to play the “Anti-Jewish Card” as a defense against criticism of Israel, that is hardly the case. I have never accused people here of being Anti-Jewish because they were opposed to Israeli policies. There have only been two incidents where I’ve ever invoked calling someone Anti-Jewish (I don’t use the term Anti-Semitic because it is of bigoted origins). One was when someone called me a “Christ Killer” and I called him out on it. He apologized profusely and I accepted his apology. The other instance is in the case of someone who comments here occasionally and is a denier that the Shoah (holocaust) ever occurred. To deny the Shoah is to me at least an Anti-Jewish position. There have been many arguments against Israeli policies, some by JT, on this blog and I’ve never found these arguments to be Anti-Jewish, though some are Anti-Israeli, but that is politics not bigotry. I think though that there is a presumption that Jews like myself who support Israel’s existence as a Jewish State, support everything that the Israeli government does and that is simply not the case.
    This brings me to your back to you 5:50pm comment and link. I watched the entire 10:56 minutes of that film. There was little in it that either surprised or shocked me. The actions and attitudes expressed in it were vile and racist in their manner of presentation. One of the great misconceptions about prejudice and oppression is that somehow the victims of it are ennobled by the experience and become more aware human beings. The truth is that the experience of prejudice and oppression do little to instill in those oppressed, a self examination and cleansing of their own prejudices. Jews, though a few may disagree are merely human beings and while there are many who have learned the evils of prejudice from our own history of being oppressed, the majority generally are fallible to their own prejudice without the self-consciousness of what they are doing. This is particularly true among the Ultra Orthodox, many of whom wouldn’t consider me Jewish, although I have just as solid a claim to the heritage.
    While I can decry the expressions and actions in that film as horribly racist and support the documentation the film provides, there is an underlying premise that I want to look at, which while in no way condones what was portrayed in the film, does add some context to what is going on. This following link is to a map of Northern Africa and the ME. Please examine it. Contiguous to the Sudan are: Egypt, Libya, Chad, the Central African Republic and Ethiopia. Also close are Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Yemen. The smallest of these nations have at least 10 times the area of Israel. Why is it that these nations, which are Muslim, are not mentioned in terms of their welcoming Sudanese refugees? What are their attitudes towards these refugees?
    Also too consider that briefly mentioned in the film’s opening is that ALL of Europe had denied refugee status to those escaping the reign of terror in the Sudan. Indeed, the narrator mentions that Israel was the chosen destination because of its prosperity and its democratic government. Could we not for instance do a film about the anti-immigration movement in the U.S. and see the same extremism from both citizens and many politicians? Isn’t the same true for the anti-immigration movements in Europe? There has been in Sweden, Norway and France against the immigration of Muslims. Why is one of the smallest nations in the world being singled out for approbation? The answer is obvious.
    Many believe that Israel does not have a right to exist as a Jewish State. Given that Israel is surrounded by countries that proclaim themselves to be Islamic States, this notion strikes me as strange. Many of the notions regarding Israel strike me as strange and that is possibly because I am a Jew. I was born before WWII had ended. In the wake of that war the revelations of the Shoah began to come out and shock the world. In America in the 40’s and through the mid 50’s anti-Jewish feeling was common throughout our nation. Even I, growing up in the Jewish haven of New York, found other kids calling me a “Christ Killer” in elementary schools. In my lifetime there were signs outside of some towns that read: No dogs or Jews allowed. One of the most popular American TV Stars, Arthur Godfrey, owned the most famous Miami Beach Hotel, which didn’t allow Jews. It wasn’t until the late 60’s that the famous New York Athletic Club, home of the Heisman Trophy, would permits Jewish entrée. The message loud and clear from the ages of history for Jews is not to get too comfortable wherever you live, because you never know when that place will suddenly turn against you. If you can put yourself in my shoes then perhaps you might understand why Israel is so important to me. It is the one current haven in this world where I, or my progeny can escape to if anti-Jewish feeling becomes rampant.

  34. “MS I too regard your comments as well grounded in logic and facts. Unfortunately, you have a knee jerk reaction to any criticism of Israel which I understand, but just as I have no hesitation hitting the US government for its misdeeds and crimes, I would have hope you would take a similar view of Israel.”


    Read my comment above and then get back to me.

  35. “What the Israelis did was to refuse to let the owners back into their homes once the shooting had stopped. They then used the color of “law” to permanently dispossess them. That is also ILLEGAL and a WAR CRIME by the way. So please try and use some sense in this matter and not fall for the propaganda.”

    Those Arabs who left Israel did so because they were opposed to a government controlled by Jews. 20% of the Israeli citizens today are Muslims. They did not leave in ’48, retained their land and have representatives in the Knesset. Can you say the same about the 500,000 Jews who were expelled from Arab ME countries in the late 40’s and early 50’s who had their property confiscated. Would they have been welcomed back with opened arms by the countries who expelled them because they were Jewish. As for that being a war crime, I think not. As for falling for propaganda I would see it that you are the one who has been mesmerized.

  36. Carlyle,

    You’ve got your historical sources, I have mine. They disagree and so too we will have to disagree.

    However, as I mentioned to you in a comment some time ago isn’t this the way of the world? Were Whites welcomed in Australia by the natives. Were they welcome in the U.S., or Canada? Were the Muslims welcome in many of the European countries they seized? I have never defended Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish State on grounds of morality and I refuse to do so now. Israel is a fact of life and quite frankly will remain so. Now if you want to talk about the government Netanyahu is a hack and a fool. currently Israeli political policies are self defeating. however, given the condition of governments around the world, what else is new and this includes my own country. As I explained to pdm above my reasons for wanting Israel’s continuation as a Jewish State are personal and selfish. I need a country to escape to when the crazies decide they need to start killing Jews. Australia doubtfully will provide shelter, Europe definitely won’t, for some crazy reason anti-Jewish feeling is rife in Japan. My own country proved itself lacking in WWII. I’m a Jew. I’m proud of it and I would like my progeny to continue on in this insanity we call life. Hitler proved that your family could have converted 100 years before, but if you had Jewish blood you were a threat, As I’ve said many times before though I am strongly in favor of a two state solution and Netanyahu and his cronies are idiots and knaves for not getting it done.

  37. One final comment. I arrived at the Turley blog many years ago because those at kept questioning my intellectual honesty because I supported Israel’s continued existence. I wasn’t banned but decided to leave because in the course of one discussion I mentioned that Yassir Arafat was actually an Egyptian, not a “Palestinian” and that he got his position because he was the nephew of the “Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.” I went one to explain the “Mufti’s” history of hatred for Jews and his residence in Berlin during WWII as Hilter’s guest. The reply was “Mufti Schmufti…who cares. Israel is a rogue state and should be abolished”, it was then I arrived here where people at least attempt to have a dialogue. I’ve laid out my beliefs honestly, accept them….or not. I’m not into continuing this argument because it ultimately goes nowhere.

  38. Mike, Thanks for your reply.

    I believe absolutely in the Shoah. My in-laws have been most annoyed by my efforts to ensure that my grandchildren learn about the Holocaust (eyes roll with yet another gift of Anne Frank, Sophie’s Choice or The Painted Bird). I believe in Israel’s right to exist although I strongly disagree with your history of the war of 1947. My comments about the lack of any response to the Max Blumenthal videos were not directed solely towards you. There are several other commenters who I hoped would be engaged. Unlike you, I found the videos shocking although you are quite correct that such hatred is found all over the world and specifically here. What is different about Israel?

    Its ELECTED government, for one: Bibi and Liberman. It is both sanctioned and mandated by the people of Israel – not all people – but more and more Israelis. OUR important role in enabling Israel’s ability to build more settlements. Their deliberate efforts to effect our presidential election. The planned and deliberate policy of creating Greater Israel. The building of walls making a two state solution impossible. The brutal embargo of Gaza. It’s checkpoints. Its militarization. The destruction of ancient homes, farms,olive groves. The eviction of people. The ridiculous argument that god gave them what’s left of Palestine. The whole bloody forever and ever occupation. It all approximates South African apartheid.

    Mike, I’m entirely sympathetic to the discrimination you suffered as a child. I remember some of that although I was immune from such. But I saw it and it registered as wrong, wrong, wrong. I suppose that same instinct (I think it’s instinct – I don’t remember my parents giving us lessons on the evils of discrimination.) is what causes my disgust of what is going on in Israel today.

    There was an Israeli woman in the video who spoke of “a cancer on our body”. There is a cancer, but she mistakes the cause.

  39. MS I can certainly understand your sentiments since my one of my best friends who was killed in a stupid aviation accident was the son of a prominent Zionist who I disagreed with on the efficacy of Israel as any kind of a haven. Even though I am not Jewish, I have been called a kike because I had a lot of Jewish friends in high school and I knew of some of the things that they went through. I guess that I showed myself to be Jewish because during Passover, I rather liked matzoh bread that was served in the school cafeteria. Of course, in the eyes of the ignorant bigots, NO Christian would ever eat that stuff.

    Our conservative GOP family were in the United Church of Christ (Congregationalist) and had a long history of being against bigotry of any kind. My grandfather was a major leader in this church and got to know Rabbi Feldman of Temple Beth El since my Pa and Feldman were both biblical scholars who enjoyed talking about their favorite subject after the many dinners they had at our house. So I even got in a few fights against bigots who were bullying some smaller Jewish guys who I was friends with.

    I can cite many instances of the anti-Semitism that was rampant in the US that I know of by second hand accounts. I even had as a friend a WWII combat vet who liberated the Dachau concentration camp who was rather proud that he got to shoot some of the guards they caught. I thought he did a great job in doing that. The worst offender on anti-Semitism was the Catholic Church, especially under Hitler’s Pope Pius XII who established the Rat Line to get Catholic Nazi war criminals out of Europe. Many of them and the refugees that came to the US brought their native anti-Semitism with them.

    I think that establishing an explicitly Jewish state is just as bad as having a Muslim state as you observed so many countries in that part of the world are. This solves a problem that does not now exist as it did back in the years leading to and through WWII. While I am opposed to granting illegals any amnesty, I and virtually all of the people I have talked to in the anti amnesty movement have NO problem granting real refuges from political or religious persecution entry into the US. The US is also legally obligated to grant those folks entry. So assuming that anti-Semitism rears its ugly head somewhere in the world, there are enough nations that will grant sanctuary to them, including the US unlike before WWII.

    The only defense Jews have is the power of the US. If somehow a Nazi movement arose and took power here, Israel would cease to exist. In any case, since there are more Jews in the US than in Israel, it would be impossible for Israel to absorb such massive numbers of refugees. US funding would cease in such a case, and I doubt Israel could afford the cost. Since I did not live through the period of the pre war and war years, I can only vaguely understand the real fears that the deficiencies of the world in helping the victims of Nazism engendered in many people. I am confident in the basic decency and institutions of the US and our people. One good thing Vietnam proved is that most Americans do NOT make good Nazis, either as GIs or on the home front. As for the problem of Israel’s continued existence from a military attack, that is basically a moot point since Israel is a nuclear superpower there. There is no question that any war that erupts will go nuclear if the existence of Israel is seriously in question from a military point of view. Thus I think that Israel is more than safe from military threats.

  40. To those of you who think that Americans are fine young fellows, I present the following stuff:

    From Google:

    Everyone is familiar with Adolf Hitler and the rise and fall of Nazi Germany. Few remember that in the mid- to late-1930s the United States experienced a Nazi crusade of its own, one led by Fritz Julius Kuhn (1896-1951), a radical anti-Semite who dreamed of a fascist America led by a Nazi president. Kuhn never realized his dream, but he did develop a national Nazi movement–complete with propaganda wing, youth group, and its own version of the Schutzstaffel (SS)–that inspired a concerted effort (among politicians, law enforcement and media alike) to destroy him and his organization.

    But on February 20, 1939–the day Kuhn’s German-American Bund (Der Amerikadeutsche Volksbund) held a Nuremberg-style rally at New York’s Madison Square Garden–Kuhn and his rabid followers seemed a very real threat to order. Tens of thousands of protestors surrounded the Garden while Bundesf hrer Kuhn addressed 17,000 enthusiastic supporters–men and women who demonstrated their support by extending their right arms straight out, palms down, in that instantly-recognizable salute, all the while shouting ‘Free America! Free America! Free America!’ Yet that night would mark the peak of the Bund’s reach and influence, as the New York-based group was effectively marginalized later that year when Kuhn was convicted of larceny and forgery and sent to prison at Sing Sing, the state’s infamous maximum-security prison.

    In the new book ‘Swastika Nation’ (St. Martin’s Press), author Arnie Bernstein deftly chronicles the rise and fall of the German-American Bund, which emerged from the remnants of a group known as the Friends of New Germany. ‘Kuhn did a remarkable job of marshaling the movement,’ says Bernstein. If Kuhn was running a corporation instead of a Nazi movement he would have been [considered] an astute businessman.’

    The Bund maintained a diversified income stream derived from annual dues and various ancillary fees, as well as the mandatory purchase of uniforms, armbands, pins and badges. Uniforms for both the rank-and-file and the group’s Ordnungsdienst (‘well-dressed bodyguards who undertook their duties with brutal seriousness,’ according to Bernstein) had to be purchased from Bund-approved tailors. In fact, the Bund strongly encouraged its membership to spend their hard-earned dollars at Aryan-owned businesses that were a part of the Deutscher Konsum Verband (D.K.V.), or German Business League.

    Meanwhile, the organization’s publishing arm (the AV Publishing Company, the name derived from the initials of the Bund’s German name, Amerikadeutscher Volksbund), pushed out books and propaganda materials, and also published a weekly newspaper, The German Wakeup Call and Observer (Deutscher Weckruf und Beobachter). Members were obligated to subscribe to the newspaper, and to buy a copy of Hitler’s autobiography/manifesto ‘Mein Kampf,’ among other propaganda materials.

    But what really drew the ire of the American public were the Bund’s camps and retreats–Camp Siegfried in Yaphank, New York, andCamp Nordland in Andover Township, New Jersey, for example–where thousands of Bund members gathered en masse to picnic and swim. Think summer camp, with a Nazi twist.

    The retreats were a key component of the Bund’s youth initiative, which was loosely modeled after Germany’s Hitler Youth and female counterpart, the League of German Girls. As in Germany, youth group retreats were sexually charged gatherings. ‘They encouraged the boys and girls to sleep with each other to produce good Aryan children for the day that they would take over,’ notes Bernstein.

    Predictably, neighbors didn’t take kindly to the idea of Bund members goose-stepping the streets of Yaphank or Andover Township in Nazi-styled uniforms, and the pushback against the camps attracted media coverage coast-to-coast. Syndicated newspaper columnistWalter Winchell painted Kuhn and his followers in a particularly unflattering light, the former taking delight in referring to the Bund leader as Phffftz Kuhn, Fritz Kuhnfucious, or simply Fat Fritz Kuhn. In fact, Winchell became Kuhn’s chief antagonist, so much so that The German Wakeup Call and Observer declared Winchell ‘Kuhn’s worst enemy.’ Worse yet, Kuhn promised to ‘blacken Walter Winchell’s eyes’ (promise kept, courtesy of two thugs) and to piss on his grave (promise not kept).

    Hitler and the rest of Germany’s Nazi leadership didn’t think much of Kuhn, either. In the summer of 1936, the Bundesf hrer and his lieutenants visited Germany and, via a mutual connection, managed to gain an audience with the F hrer. ‘It was basically one of those grip-and-grin photo ops. Hitler shook Kuhn’s hand and said, ‘Go over there and continue the fight,” recalls Bernstein, a statement that Kuhn viewed as an official endorsement. ‘Of course, Hitler meant nothing by it,’ continues the author. In fact, Hitler was embarrassed by Kuhn, and Nazi officials wanted nothing to do with the German-American Bund, viewing the ‘stupid and noisy’ group as damaging to the Third Reich’s image in America.

    Meanwhile, back in the U.S., powerful forces began amassing against the Bund. In August 1937 United States Attorney General Homer Cummings launched an FBI probe of Bund camps, and five months later issued his findings in a fourteen-volume report, Nazi Camps in the United States.

    But the campaign to bring down Kuhn went into high gear shortly after the Madison Square Garden rally, when New York mayor Fiorello LaGuardia and prosecutor Thomas Dewey seized the Bund’s financial records, hoping to put Kuhn away on tax evasion charges. The plan worked: Kuhn was charged with grand larceny and forgery for embezzling from the Bund’s bank accounts. After being found guilty he was sent to prison, first to Sing Sing, then to Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, New York, where he was incarcerated until being paroled on June 18, 1943. He spent the remainder of the war in the federal internment camp system for wartime enemy aliens, and was subsequently deported to Germany, where he spent the next several years in and out of prison.

    Though the Bund attempted to soldier on under the leadership of Bund F hrer Gerhard Wilhelm Kunze, ‘the movement flopped around like a fish on a deck for a couple more years,’ quips Bernstein. ‘Then Pearl Harbor happened and that was that.’

    As for Kuhn, his death attracted little notice; the news didn’t reach the United States until two years later. ‘Hitler’s U.S. Bund Chief Fritz Kuhn Died Friendless in Germany,’ announced Winchell in his February 6, 1953, column for the Daily Mirror. Kuhn had fallen so far, so fast that the columnist had little to say about the disgraced Bundesf hrer. Winchell’s final words about Kuhn and his dream of a Nazi America were: ‘(End of shrug).’

    Jason Zasky is the founder and editorial director of

  41. I tried to post a comment and it was not posted.

    This Word Press thing sort of sucks. I think that dogs might need to go poop elsewhere. I know that many of you do not like us dogs on the blog but you have been fine about holding your distaste of dogtalk back. Danke Fraulein.

  42. The attacks on Israel are not only hypocritical, but are fueled primarily by anti-Semitism. If you relied on thee “academic” ultracretins, you would think that Israel was not only against human rights, but was the ONLY nation on Earth against human rights. All other nations, are just and wonderful in their treatment of citizens. But evil Israel? It’s simply a Hitlarian viewpoint that more and more ultracretins in academia and elsewhere are getting very comfortable with.

    George Gilder has written one of the best contemporary books on this subject, called “The Israel Test.” Read it. Of course, the “academic” ultracretins refuse to read anything that does not conform with their anti-Semitic propaganda. But they wouldn’t be such ultracretins if they did.

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