25 thoughts on “Norris Answers Van Damme”

  1. it. is. a. joke.

    it. is. meant. to. be. funny.

    don’t like it, don’t laugh.

    try looking at life without that stick up your butts ya frickin popsicles.

  2. The Van Damme commercial was real, no CGI, with only the safety harness edited out, and it was done on the first take. Also, the trucks were indeed going in reverse because it was meant to showcase Volvo’s new dynamic steering system.

    So, as usually, Norris proves himself to be nothing more than a clown. I am sure his friends on Fox News will find this amusing the next time they have him on to talk about how Obama is the Antichrist. That seems to be Norris’ schtick these days.

  3. Nothing says Peace on Earth and Goodwill to all Man Kind like Chuck Norris straddling the wing tips of two C-17 military transport planes flying in formation with a stick of paratroopers balanced upon his melon.

  4. Connecticut Justice incarcerates minority men based on race and how much they pay in taxes. Is that a shame or what?

  5. Hey, Chuck Norris is great. He works at not overkilling violence, is a true craftsman and (attempts) to instill good morals.

    No man should be knocked for his faith.

    His political skewed ideologies are a different story. I guess I’m blessed to have been born Church of G-d mom, Catholic dad and learned of possible Yiddish roots late in life (a dozen years ago). Hence, I understand the difference between making up one’s own mind and traditionalist indoctrinations.

    Chuck’s problem is that he believes that – in order to be Christian (Christ like) – one has to also be Republican.

    When, the truth is, it is more the opposite!

  6. Oh….. If only Chuck could fall….. And then be sucked into one of the Jet’s …. Engines! Now that’s something I’d pay to see! I fully believe that Chuck Norris’ horse, is smarter than he is….

  7. There’s no photo augmentation because there are no photos. That’s entirely CGI. And I’m with you on both parts, professor. Not a fan, but that’s pretty funny.

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