Obama Finds An Admirer Among The World Leaders

President_Barack_Obama225px-Vladimir_Putin_official_portraitWhile our closest allies are condemning us for massive surveillance systems abroad, including the interception of communications from foreign leaders, President Obama has found one notable admirer. Russia President Vladimir Putin previously praised President Obama for his very Russian like surveillance system. Now he has added envy to his feelings toward Obama. He was asked by the press on his reaction to the current surveillance scandal and responded that he only wishes that he could act with the same sense of impunity as Obama.

Putin responded: “How do I feel about Obama after Snowden’s revelations? I envy him, because he can get away with it.”

Well it is good to see that we are still impressing people and finding allies around the world.

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  1. The military NSA is paying presstitutes to catapult the propaganda:

    The National Security Agency has a friend at the Harvard Law School. And at the Brookings Institution. And at The New Republic. And at The Washington Post.

    Why is Lawfare the NSA’s media portal of choice? Well, consider this. Lawfare, in turn, partners with The New Republic, where this post was republished in its entirety. The joint Lawfare/TNR project is titled “Security States,” and it is sponsored, Wittes proudly notes, by the Northrop Grumman Corporation. Grumman, in turn, is a major NSA contractor—see this $220 million deal it scored with the NSA “to develop an advanced information management and data storage system that will support efforts to modernize the nation’s electronic intelligence and broader signals intelligence capabilities,” a fact TNR does not disclose to its readers.

    (Why Is ‘The New Republic’ Taking Money From an NSA Contractor to Run Defenses of the NSA?).

  2. Oh right! Like Putin doesn’t get away with anything. Or everything.
    Brad S.

    Let’s try sticking to reality just a little while longer.

    My respect and admiration for this president has long since vanished, along with my trust, but I’m not aware of any wish or desire on Obama’s part to remain in office beyond the expiration of his second term.

    We can agree that another two years is bad enough. We don’t need to build up any fantasies to make things seem worse.

  3. True, you do not have to be a Republican, to spend your life and time tearing down a Black man who was elected President to lead this Country by the majority of the people and who is a real Christian.. It also helps to be not only a Republican to do that with their propagandized Christianity fakery, it also helps to be a Racist, a bigot, a right wing nut, a Latter-Day Saint or member of the Church of the Firstborn, or any other insurrectionist group trying to create an civil war in our own nation besides all the wars created around the world by such as we tear down the only man who can call himself that since JFK.

  4. Here’s a story for you. Connecticut Justice forces minority men into guilty pleas to incarcerate them for personal gain. Is that a story or what???

  5. Since when do we care what a dictator thinks? Obama has the most guts of any president since Jimmy Carter. He is doing all he can to release the health care insurance industry’s stranglehold on America. He consults with Congress about going to war and doesn’t fabricate phony stories to lead us into un-winable wars, doesn’t allow the private sector carte blanche to gamble America’s economic heritage in the world’s casinos, and will hopefully precede eight more years of intelligent leadership with Clinton.

  6. We have yet to see Obama… Do unhuman feats like Putin….. They are both capable of in humane idolatry….

    Gene…. I think you have a major point…. An irrational admiration…… Usually done by irrational people….

  7. Gene H. is spot on. Both parties ignore the abominations (or obamanations) of their own party presidents. Nixon had support of Republicans till the very end. It’s no longer a two-party system, but a corporate party system. One party feeds the healthcare and insurance sectors taxpayer monies and the other feeds the defense and security state sectors. Take your pick of corporate crony parties. Is the US becoming more like Russia or is Russia becoming more like the US? I lean towards the former and thus Vlads underhanded admiration of Obama.

  8. “By the way you don’t have to be a Republican to be fed up with Obama; you just have to read the papers,” says JH.

    Yep. I’ve been fed up with him since he said “we need to look forward, not backwards” in re Bush/Cheney and declared that he had the imperial power to execute American citizens without due process. Not to mention the fact that half of Wall St. needs to be in the dock or in prison. He’s a liar and he’s a bought and paid for corporate stooge. Just like his predecessor, there isn’t an ethical bone in his body and he’s guilty of Constitutional abuses and crimes every bit as onerous as theirs.

    Of course Putin admires him.

    Hitler admired Mussolini too.

    Tyrants usually admire the tyranny of other tyrants.

  9. Proud? Obama must be so proud. Given a pat on the back by a former KGB agent. Is Putin saying these things to make Obama look bad? Of course. However, Obama promised a transparent administration and has reveled in clandestine spying on Americans. He has prosecuted and persecuted whistleblowers whilenallowing bankers to run amok. Obama doesn’t need any help looking bad.

    By the way you don’t have to be a Republican to be fed up with Obama; you just have to read the papers.

  10. Every American is proud of the President of the United States of American, even though he is a Black man; except for the Republicans who have benefited the most from President Obama’s Christian attitudes and forgiveness for almost destroying our Country five years ago with their leader in the White House and the Republicans are still causing trouble with the power they have in the House and Senate by sticking their noses up other Countries asses and trying everything they can to destroy our Country by starting wars everywhere they can in their feeble attempt to rule the World and take back the White House anyway they can even to fight Russia and pretend they do the will of God in creating all these wars.

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    And Obama admires at least one characteristic about Putin. He’d like to be president for life too! It’s just that pesky constitution that’s preventing him (for now).

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