Woman Allegedly Assaults Man With Ceramic Squirrel For Failing To Buy Beer

Submitted by Darren Smith, Guest Blogger

Ceramic SquirrelIn what otherwise would be seen as a string of words generated from a random joke generator, it is true authorities with the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office in South Carolina report that a woman allegedly did just that.

Deputies reportedly arrived at the home of Helen Williams and found a man covered with blood. Williams stated to deputies he fell and cut himself however was not able to explain why her hands and clothes were bloody. But stranger issues were afoot

Deputies reported that Williams became angry with the man after he returned home without buying beer; the stores being closed during the Christmas holiday. She then grabbed a ceramic squirrel, beat him over the head with it, and then stabbed him on the shoulder and in the chest with what remained. Williams was charged with domestic violence.

With the demise of the squirrel it may never be known where the beer nuts are buried.


ABC News

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