Bears Lose To An Undead Ball

Chicago-Bears-Logo2220px-Hammersmith_GhostWell, another Bears season ended short of the playoffs with the added ignobility of having the Packers deliver the coup de grace.  The most bizarre aspect was of course the fumble from Aaron Rodgers in the second quarter that everyone thought was a dead bar, including Packers receiver Brandon Boykin who was told to pick up the ball by the Packers sideline and score.  To lose with a dead ball, reminded me of a certain scene from an old Bogart movie.  Can you guess?

Answer: To Have and Have Not.

19 thoughts on “Bears Lose To An Undead Ball”

  1. It wasn’t the dead ball that cost the Bears the game, it was failing to cover Randall Cobb during the blitz on fourth-and-eight with less than a minute to go in the game.

    My condolences nonetheless.

  2. Jmquinn,
    I absolutely love Pocan and Baldwin, wish they were mine. Alas my county is one of the most conservative in our good state.

  3. Waiting for the day when it doesn’t matter if you’re gay…

    I’m with Annie. Thank you GB Packers! We need something in Wisconsin of which to be proud! Btw, I have a wonderful GAY Congressman, Mark Pocan, and a GAY Senator, Tammy Baldwin. If the Packers have a GAY quarterback, he’ll be in good company.

  4. Aaron Rodgers is allegedly about to be outed by a scorned lover. In a perfect world Rogers would come out on his own terms. An NBA guy but ham n’ egger @ the end of his career came out last year. He did so on his own terms. As I’ve said, I sensed the Dolphins thing has gayness involved. Rogers has the class to handle this and hopefully will encourage gay athletes everywhere to come out. I worry for him having someone go @ his knees. I worry a hitter in baseball having bean balls thrown @ him. But, once the silence is broken, and many come out, all that horseshit will eventually go away. There’s a gay pro Rugby star in Australia. He gets his balls busted just like EVERYONE does in the locker room. But, it’s all good, no problems.

    Maybe the Bears should draft a gay QB and get rid of that loser hetero that currently have.

  5. My condolences to the Bears fans here. Wisconsinites need something to be happy about. 😉

  6. It was a good game. The Bears were a worthy opponent in a very closely matched game. The Packers were just a little better, and won fair and square. Green Bay is an admirable football organization. To say otherwise is just plain foolishness. Now stop your Bear whining and end the excuses. You lost. See you again next Season.

  7. Richard Faust, Great NFL history. Are you of the age to remember it?However, I think Slingin’ Jay Cutler has only one victory against the Packers.

  8. Well, even though I’ve lived in South Florida for the last 13 years…. It was gratifying to have my Jets beat the dolphins yesterday… and knock them out of the playoffs! So, even though the Jets had another terrible year …. I at least have a good sunday… And with no New York teams being in the Super Bowl again….. I can just spend Super Bowl Sunday at the pool with my friends, drinking margaritas!

  9. The only QB that matters in Bears history is Sid Luckman, i.e. the man who thrilled the nation with the T-Formation (with props to OC Clark Shaughnessy–last big-time HC at the University of Chicago). Of course, Luckman piloted the Monsters of the Midway to their legendary 73-0 demolition of the Redskins in the 1940 NFL title game, but maybe his greatest effort was in the last game of the 1941 regular season. Luckman brought the Bears back from a halftime deficit against their South Side rivals, the Cardinals (at Comiskey), to defeat them (34-24) and preserve a first place tie with the Packers. 7 days later, the Bears dispatched the Packers (33-14) in a playoff, before destroying the Giants 37-9 to clinch back to back titles. Luckman’s record, as a starter, against the Pack: 16-5-1. Also, during #42’s career–World Championships: Bears 4, Packers 1. Over and out.
    P.S. Cutler’s record against the Pack: 2-9 and no WC while the Pack have 1.

  10. They fired Lovie Smith to get these results?

    How many Bears fans believe Jay Cutler deserves to be paid the same salary as Tony Romo (I don’t believe Tony deserves his pay)? Drew Brees? Or should they use this money to build a strong defense? Or go into the draft, and pick a young QB, hoping he turns out to be another Russel Wilson, Tom Brady (I heard that he was selected in the 5h round) or Andrew Luck?

  11. Somebody should have told the officials ‘You know how to whistle, don’t you….You just put your lips together and… blow.’

    On the other hand, who could possibly remember the bears or anything else when Bacall is on the screen?

  12. mespo knows you keep playing until you hear the whistle. You keep fighting until the bell sounds, but protect yourself @ all times. If the ump @ home doesn’t say “safe or out” then the runner didn’t tag the plate. My condolences to you and Raff. As I said on another thread, this was too gut wrenching a loss to gloat or bust balls. Trestman is a good coach. You need a leader taking snaps. The Chicago Tribune polls showed the vast majority of Bear fans agree.

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