Happy New Year’s Eve to all of our blog family. We just returned from our long 12 hour drive from Chicago. We will be at home tonight and I will be toasting to everyone on our extended blog family.

Tonight Leslie and I will share our traditional bottle of Schramsberg Sparkling wine. This is my wedding anniversary. Sixteen years ago, Leslie and I eloped on New Year’s Eve after eight years years of dating. (There is an ongoing dispute over calculating the event, I insist that this is our 24th anniversary but Leslie insists on not counting the eight years of dating). We always celebrate with a bottle of J. Schrams. This was the bottle I bought after we got hitched at Alexandria City Hall. I used my house school ring.

While we are not holding our annual party for 200 on New Years (because we were in Chicago for the Bears game), we will make our traditional soup: The Bowl of the Wife of Kit Carson Soup.

Everyone drive carefully and have fun. I will be giving a toast to our entire blog family tonight (and, of course, my marriage).

30 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR’S EVE!!!”

  1. Happy New Year and Happy Anniversary!

    Question: 8 years of dating? Really? I am surprised that none of the women, on the blog, caught that one. After 2 years, my wife would’ve put something in my spaghetti.

  2. May we live in interesting times, oh, if you only knew that we do.

    At a cross roads of humanity we are, can we as a species survive this test? I do not know.

    This is the version of this song I like & I like it extra special tonight 1/1/2014 as I’d I to left us all up in the name of humanity.

  3. Happy New Year and Happy Anniversary Professor Turley!

    I have learned a different perspective on constitutional law from you and your guest bloggers and I think you’re all brilliant constitutional minds.

    I’m not a student. I’m a voter paying attention, who has seen you on TV MANY times. Thanks for all the things you and your team does.

    Di 🙂

  4. Happy New Year everyone.

    May your dreams come true and your fears fail to appear.

    It is called Hogmanay in Scotland. Scottish folk singer Kev Thompson sings Auld Lang Syne as Robert Burns originally wrote it:

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