Coolest Thing Ever: Kid Loses RC Plane In Tree . . . Helicopter Crew Pulls Plane Out Of Tree And Returns It To Kid

I just saw this video and had to share it. A helicopter crew was flying in the countryside and saw a kid and his Dad lose a World War II RC plane in the top of a tree. They proceed to hover over the tree and pull the plane out of the branches. They then land and give it to the Dad and a dumbfounded kid.

Thank God this was on video, because no one and I mean no one would believe the kid at school.

No doubt the kid now wants a remote controlled helicopter.

14 thoughts on “Coolest Thing Ever: Kid Loses RC Plane In Tree . . . Helicopter Crew Pulls Plane Out Of Tree And Returns It To Kid”

  1. I respect your reply Sir.
    I guess it’s just the old United States Marine Corps Viet Nam Combat Veteran bit and an over the road truck driver in me; as well as the lack of a high school education. in the words of the immortal bard; whose name has long since slipped my mind: “To each his own”
    Have a pleasant evening
    THB 111

  2. Sorry, tomben…as a Libertarian, I value the right to say anything that one wants to say, and I will “defend to the death” the pilot’s use of any language he sees fit. That said, I still maintain a right to mourn the loss of civility in our society. That my opinion suddenly invites attacks of my “manhood” or “toughness” only serves to underscore the point i am making.

  3. Come on ‘Jim E.’—-Man up son!!
    What the heck are you thinking anyway??!! What is this PC world coming to anyway. Get tough boy. Go out for a hike in the woods; get some dirt on your hands, your butt away from the computer and BE A MAN for a change. Ya might even like it !!
    Respectfully submitted
    THB 111

  4. I was familiar with the story. One of the model airplane magazines sent it out in their e-letter a while back. The thing that amazed me was that the downdraft from the helicopter rotors did not either blow the model out of the tree or make it harder to hold for the guy who plucked it out of the tree. It looked to be undamaged.

    Ownership is attributed to the youngster, but I wouldn’t be too sure. That RC model cannot really be called a “toy.”

  5. Pretty neat video. I wonder what it would have cost the owner of the RC plane to have someone fish that plane out of the tree?

  6. I’m one of a distinct minority here. But, I believe people are basically good. That comes from a person who worked w/ the dark side of humanity for his entire career. Great video.

  7. Now that is cool…..

    Was that an ecigarette in the hand of the guy on the left….

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