New York Bar Finds Novel Way To Hide Low Sanitation Grade

GyIHqosSomeone on Reddit caught this interesting way of disguising a “B” sanitation posting. You have to posted it but the business found a way to make it less noticeable. (Note how they worked hard to match the color and font. If they worked equally hard as cleanliness, this might not be necessary).

Under the system, you only receive one of these if you have failed to pass the A rating not once but twice. Each restaurant gets an initial inspection visit and received either an A score or a warning for either a B or a C. By the way, the first visit is announced so a failure is really scary. In those latter cases, an unannounced subsequent inspection occurs soon after the first and, if there is no improvement, the restaurant or bar will receive both a grade card and a grade pending card. It can post either pending a hearing by the Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings Health Tribunal.

The city states that “The grade (or grade pending) card must be posted on a front window, door or outside wall where it is easily seen by people passing by. The card must be within five feet of the entrance and from four to six feet off the ground or floor.”

The NYC website states that violations of posting rules are treated as “serious” offense. However, “posting the grade card incorrectly can result in a
$200 fine.” Repeated violations can result in loss of a permit but you have to find the card first.

15 thoughts on “New York Bar Finds Novel Way To Hide Low Sanitation Grade”

  1. There is nothing humourous about it but it is a crime to deface a govt. issued” B rate of the location which may indicate that there are cockroaches’ nests under the kegs. It is misleading to the clients who spend their money there.

  2. In NV, The A,B,C signs are placed by the health district where it is visible to all who visit the place and can not be tampered with or moved from the location.

  3. I agree they could have spent as much effort cleaning up their act. It reminds me somewhat indirectly of an expression of irony in the software industry: “It’s not a bug, it’s a feature.”

  4. You know, I have only seen one “B” certificate in my life. It was–and still is–present at a famous and popular breakfast restaurant in Flagstaff, AZ. I think they retain it for the notoriety.

  5. After they get their A rating they ought to leave this up. Then when they get graded B again they can simply take down the A. Or add the C. After the C they can add ard or Bar Card. Then they can go to Bar None. Or Bar Nuns.

  6. I was in a bar/deli here in Louisville, eating lunch. I looked around and was reading the various posters in the front window, when I noticed that the C in “GO CARDS” had additional writing around it. Turns out it was their Health Department grade. They got cited for obscuring it. I had a good laugh about it, though. And I didn’t get sick from lunch.

  7. They posted the (scarlet ‘A’) requisite grading, it’s clearly visible, and unless the regulations clearly prohibit posting other material (since the addition does not block or impede the visibility of the sticker) there doesn’t seem to be a problem here. Or rather, the problem is requiring businesses to shame themselves as a punishment, rather than impose a real penalty.

  8. Too funy,

    I came over to view this particular thread; because I thought it might be a discuss about the low grades the BAR is receiving for sanitizing the bad faith members.

    Silly me!

  9. They have the same system in Ca. I hardly ever see anything but A’s. Maybe I need to look more closely! I surmise, a lot of places that get B and C just don’t display it. Anthony Bourdain did a show from Koreatown in LA. He ate in a C restaurant and said much of this “health” inspection is cultural and bureaucratic.

  10. This is an entirely appropriate display of good humor in the face of adversity. B students are welcome. “A” students can go find your own bar. This should not be a bar to recovery. Every bar has a bar code. Cody goes to the bar next door. Bee a sport and embrace the bees. C rations for those who don’t. Drinks are on the house. Except for building and health inspectors. The be busy.

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