NASA Reveals “Hand Of God”

nustar-hand-of-godNo, you probably do not have to get your life in order just yet. The cosmic “hand of God” photo released by NASA is actually the result of the explosion of a star and the ejection of an enormous cloud of material.

It was captured by NASA’s Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array, or NuSTAR, and produced from high-energy X-rays. Given the cuts in NASAs budget (while continuing to spend hundreds of billions on foreign wars), it is surprising the hand did not offer a more profane message.

27 thoughts on “NASA Reveals “Hand Of God””

  1. Of course theists are quick to jump in and assemble any indication that this might actually be the hand of god. My they are a touchy bunch.

  2. Great stuff these telescopes; ironic to call it the Hand Of God as the more we see out into space the more traditional religion falls by the wayside. True, the bigger & better the more some people will ‘blame’ a being bigger than the universe (so no longer in the sky) & assume it has to be single & omnipotent with zero proof or likelihood. I prefer to accept the premise of bigger than as senior to, which does suggest we were once bigger than it all or have the potential to be, even now. That beautiful melody with false lyrics: Dust In The Wind serves a purpose if you reverse the lyrics, because nothing lasts forever but you & me. A few million years & these suns & nebulae are all worn out!

  3. The “pinky” is obscured, but if one uses some imagination…

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