The Beagle Bandit Strikes Again

Beagles can be a handful with a combination of amazing climbing ability and a mischievous nature.  However, nothing prepared this family for the Beagle Banfit and the missing chicken nugget caper. Update: here is another link for the video.

Indeed, this may be the Professor Moriarty of mutts. At some point, you just give up the ghost and give the dog his own stove or McNugget dispenser.

12 thoughts on “The Beagle Bandit Strikes Again”

  1. That is one sneaky Beagle! That kitchen needs to be locked down or he needs to be restrained from that room. He could have really injured himself or damaged the kitchen. Very impressive job in moving the chair to get up on the counter.

  2. Yeah, can you imagine a Beagle from our dogpac getting on this blog? What would Barkindog say?

  3. Beagles are not dogs to leave indoors unattended. A Beagle will one day gain internet access and that will be the end of it all.

  4. My Uncle Nick raised Beagles. They are indeed smart and mischievous. And, they’re diggers. They will tunnel out of fenced areas like POW’s in a Stalag. Great clip for a Monday morning.

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