11 thoughts on “Not A Water Dog”

  1. rany, I know! The Brittany was whacky. I surmise the Golden saw the Brittany being frightened of the water and he took his cue from here. Yeah..the Golden was the best dog I ever had. He was the neighborhood dog. Kids would always come to our house and play w/ the big boy. He lived 14 years, not bad for a big dog.

    1. Nick, Hell I would come over and play with a Golden. They are the sweetest dogs and I love them. My problem is that I need a guard dog, so I stick to Belgian Shepherds and the like. My big 100# Belgian Terv mix was 13 when we had to put her down, so you got a lot of good years out of yours.

  2. And we have a Havanese who sails on sailboat to Alaska, wraps the sheet around the cleat in a figure 8 (people have trouble with this), skate boards, and is an AKC GrandChampion and a CGC titled service dog. Who swims. But don’t think the military wants a 12 lb fuzzy pup. They are very similar to corgis in shape, but smaller and a different breed of course. Short legs and longer bodies! Great look on that poor dogs face..at least he was heading to shore!

  3. I had a Golden and Brittany who both hated the water. While there are genetic characteristics in all dogs, some just play against type.

  4. I don’t know, but thanks DBG. (You should be able to watch it on YouTube.)

  5. The embedding was disabled by request and then it said I could watch on You Tube but that did not come on either. But the still photo of the dog sold me. If Scalia retires, this is a replacement. He did not go to Harvard or Yale, he does not speak Yorkie (New York City lingo), he does not worship the Framers, he does not believe in the Holy Ghost, and he can give humans some guidance.

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