Writing, Reading, and Rocketeering: North Korean Cartoon Highlights The Use Of Geometry . . . To Kill Americans

225px-Kim-jong-il_portraityep-the-kid-is-using-his-trusty-protractor-to-calculate-missile-rangesWe have previously seen some hilarious propaganda films coming out of North Korea, including some directed at children. However, Marc Ambinder at the The Week says that he has found yet another classic North Korean cartoon. This one shows children how to use a protractor by showing that it can be useful in killing Americans.

The film begins in a pastoral scene of a child chasing a rabbit. Another boy sees him and criticizes him for drawing a picture of an American in class rather than listening to the lesson. The younger boy dismisses the concern and says that degrees are easy. However, he then has trouble with his homework and instead draws a helmet with “US” on it. He then goes into the dream where his pencils turn into missiles and he uses geometry to kill Americans. See? Math and geometry is fun and might even allow you to kill Americans!

I still prefer our propaganda from the 1930s, which had better color and funnier scripts:

Source: The Week

12 thoughts on “Writing, Reading, and Rocketeering: North Korean Cartoon Highlights The Use Of Geometry . . . To Kill Americans”

  1. Such messages should have a warning attached: “Be skeptical of this simplistic message as reality is far more complicated.”

  2. A cult of hate inculcates kids with hateful propaganda. We laugh at it. The hateful cult continues work on its missile technology. Eventually, they are going to lob a few into California or Alaska and kill some Americans.

    Do you think the U.S. will tolerate that sort of behavior for one hundred years? Or do you think we might be less patient than, say, Israel?

  3. They need to play Reefer Madness for the youth in North Korea. And, they need to report the one American they love, Dennis “The Worm” Rodman, just checked himself into rehab after his drunken interview in that cult..err country. Nobody spoke more eloquently about the cult of North Korea better than Hitch.

  4. I will not resort to writing in ALL CAPS because in the morning it upsets most Americans yet few N Koreans. It is easy to make light of this little midget over there with the “il” or “un” appended to the last name but we must remember that the artFay has nuclear weapons. One of those kids will become an adult of full height but not have full faculties and might have his finger on a nuclear button. These people are beyond the Dark Ages and Beyond The Pale. The Pale refers to the Paletinate. There is no phrase in the English lingo to describe the place and the situation we are presented with. Now we have a drunken, illiterate basketball player going over there to be friends with the midget. He will probably get that one guy locked up over there killed. So, while we might make fun of the midget we have a society that spends millions on basketball and football in our colleges and we cannot find teachers who can teach those schmucks how to read. Meanwhile we don’t have enough doctors so we recruit worldwide for doctors to come here.

    We need a Saturday Night Live skit of Rodman and the Midget. Maybe having them sitting in a tree. K-I-s-s-I-n-g. First came love, then came marriage, then came the midget with a baby carriage.

    As dumb as all of this is, the deficits in our two respective societies and cultures are highlighted by Rodman and The Midget. We cannot do a whole lot about the North Koreans but we can stop subsidizing college sports which subsidizes illiteracy. The sight of that moron waiving his cigar around at his press conference was over the top. Penn State has become State Penn and the rest of the slippery slope is self evident.

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