Las Vegas Pet Store Owner Accused Of Attempting To Torch Store With 27 Puppies Inside

Gloria Eun Hye LeeGloria Eun Hye Lee is facing the type of charge that you do not want to put in front of any jury. The Las Vegas a pet shop owner is accused of torching her own store. The problem is that she allegedly decided to leave 27 puppies inside in the arson attempt.

Fortunately, firefighters arrived in time at Lee’s Prince and Princess pet store in time to save the puppies. The greatest problem (beyond the image of burning puppies) is a video camera that police say shows her and a man named Kirk Bills setting the fire.

Peace Janiece Marshall clearly viewed the arson as more serious than the usual alleged case of burning down an empty restaurant or warehouse. The court increased her bail from $40,000 to $310,000. That is quite an increase so that even with a bail contract, she would be looking at ten percent or over $30,000 to secure her release.

What was most interesting for me is that she was charged with 31 arson, conspiracy, burglary and attempted animal cruelty charges. That sounds like count stacking for a single case of arson, but the police charged each puppy as a case of attempted animal cruelty. There were 27 puppies and there are 27 charges. Hard to argue with that math.

Animal activists are calling for a long sentence and one protester was removed from the courtroom. For animal rights advocates, these two are viewed as akin to war criminals.

Bills was arrested in Indiana and police say that the video camera showed him splashing the dog cages with kerosene. However, the sprinkler system quickly put out the fire. Between the video camera and the sprinkler system, this does not seem like a particularly well-thought out arson conspiracy.

If there is a video, this is an obvious case for a plea. However, with the protesters and the evidence, such a plea might come at a high cost for both defendants.

24 thoughts on “Las Vegas Pet Store Owner Accused Of Attempting To Torch Store With 27 Puppies Inside”

  1. According to the news report Ms. Lee is a three time convicted felon. If convicted she could go away for a long time. Her alleged cohort pouring kerosene on the puppies, I certainly don’t see the minimum sentence handed out to say the least.

  2. Bron, You’re correct, pets, family photos, etc. If they’ve been removed it’s almost certainly arson.

  3. Here’s one of my favorite stupid arson for profit cases. A guy owned a bowling alley. He was running it into the ground, mostly due to a huge cocaine habit. He conspired w/ another cokehead to burn the biz. The owner’s plan was to leave a guard dog in the alley[tough neighborhood]. His buddy would set the fire @ 2AM. At about 2:30, to establish his alibi being out of town, he would call the police and tell them he just got a call from a neighbor that his bowling alley was on fire and he was concerned for his dog. He makes the call @ 2:30 and the police respond. There’s no fire. They hear the dog barking inside. They then see a guy in the back of the building w/ gasoline cans. The stupid cokehead owner forgot he was in another time zone. The torcher fessed up on the spot!

  4. she had a good case that she didnt burn the store if the puppies were still inside. I guess she forgot about the camera and the sprinklers. People usually remove valuables and pets when they torch their home. Her not doing so was an attempt at an alibi/deception.

  5. She should be spending significant time in jail on this attempt to torch the store, but also the intentional attempt to murder 27 puppies. How can anyone be so cruel? Was she torching the store to get the insurance money? If so, wouldn’t there be additional charges?

  6. Incinerating puppies is a criminal offense worthy of a long prison term. Incinerating people half way around the world with missiles is considered patriotic and worthy of a second term as President? Yep, we live in a rational world.

  7. Prison. A long sentence followed by long community service providing ample time to think over her poor decisions.

  8. Good Idea, issac….. and let her do it on a few hot, summer days, in Vegas, when it’s 107 degrees outside. Make her sweat a little.

  9. There should be a city job of cleaning up dog stuff. She could be given a hundred thousand hours of community service to do that during the day and return to a half way house in the evening, something modeled on the Bernie Madoff punishment.

  10. I’m nearly at a loss for words here, and that doesn’t happen very often. I guess the old expression about criminals not being very smart applies but goodness gracious pouring kerosene on 27 puppies—how does one do that?

  11. Tie her to a stake…. and burn her like the witch she is………………….

  12. I would not want to be her shoes in jail !!!
    Even villains usually love puppies – how on earth could anyone be so CRUEL ?

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