7 thoughts on “Welcome Home, Buddy”

  1. A bettter system iis to hamg about ffor a pause in your dogs barking then heap heaps of praise aand a treat
    on your dog. One of the major problems that people come across when crate tdaining is that the
    puppy wants to bark while in the crate. This would result
    to you becoming more in tune with one another, which would make it easier for your dog tto learn
    the tricks.

  2. Don’t exclude happy cat reunions! I cat sat for my daughter’s Cuban cat (a feral cat she adopted when stationed at GTMO). When she came home on leave after her first six months there and when she came back to the states after another six months, her cat still remembered her and was beside herself with kitty joy at seeing her again. The cat shook her upright tail really quickly, I had never seen a cat do that before, it was very sweet, especially for an unusually aloof cat. She couldn’t get enough of my daughter, rubbing, purring and tail vibrating!

  3. Would you consider sending only one email a week to your readers who desire it, listing all the posts for the week so that readers could pick those of interest, while continuing to offer daily posts to those who want to read the site daily?

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