10 thoughts on “The Feline Menace”

  1. My cat only likes MMOs and has her own level 43 Dwarf Champion in Lord of the Rings Online. She likes all the shiny blade attacks, I think. She’s obviously content to let the other cats out there do up the major attack plans. She lives in a fantasy world, after all.

  2. my cat started playing too much “grand theft auto”. next thing i know she popped a cap in a guys a$$ and stole his car. an 18 y/o ford taurus with bald tires and 250,000 miles on the odometer.

    stupid cat

  3. If only Zelda had none lives…. I wouldn’t have taken so long… To finish and never play again….

  4. Cats rule.


    Thanks for the link. Dan Froomkin has a piece on the The//Intercept this morning:

    “The Terrible Toll of Secrecy”


    “And the elite Washington press corps, not yet recovered from its abdication of adversarial journalism after 9/11, has done an astonishingly poor job of raising and pressing important questions.

    Where does that leave us?

    Here. In a place and time where the only way to have the debate the country so desperately needs is for whistleblowers to speak up, and for independent journalists to make sure that they are heard.”

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