Get the Window. It’s Domino’s!

180px-Eq_it-na_pizza-margherita_sep2005_smlCheck out this video of a novel pizza delivery. With the recent discussion of drone deliveries, this pizza company appears to have found its own low-tech alternative. If this catches on with the industry, they may have to change the slogan “Get the Door. It’s Domino’s!”

We just finished discussing opposing virtue of New York versus Chicago pizza, but this is one thing that I would not try with the latter.

12 thoughts on “Get the Window. It’s Domino’s!”

  1. I would sometimes take eggplant parm sandwiches on crusty Italian bread to school w/ lunch. The Polocks, Wasps, Ukes, and PR’s would make fun of ikt until they tasted the heavenly concoction. Then I could barter for anything just for a quarter of my sandwich. The late, Idealist, loved eggplant parmesan. Great fart food which is a bonus for men.

  2. I liked the video. Obviously from someplace in Europe, most likely Great Britain. I doubt it could happen in the US where the FAA or Homeland security might try to add restrictions…

  3. Justin is a South Jersey dude! Makes sense. I went to school w/ a lotta guys from your area. Best hoagies of all varieties in South Jersey.

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