Police Officers Sideswipe Car, Look For Any Cameras, And Then Charge Brooklyn Man With Causing The Accident, Resisting Arrest, And Disorderly Conduct

22114carsWe recently discussed the incredible decision by the Dallas Police Chief that officers will no longer be allowed to give their accounts of shootings for the first 48 hours after officers were found to have lied in past cases. They will now be allowed to get their accounts straight before going on the record. Two Brooklyn officers are probably wishing that such a rule might apply to non-lethal controversies. Officers Christopher Oliver and Shazad Shigri are accused of sideswiping a parked SUV owned by Robert Jackson, 31, and then charging him with the accident — after looking around for any security cameras that would contradict them. They missed one.

Jackson is now suing the officers. Jackson says that he was sitting in his legally parked car outside of his apartment when the officers came down the wrong way on a street and slammed into the side of his car. He says that he got out of the vehicle and smiled at the officers and asked “How’d you run into me?” He says that the officer immediately replied, “Dude, you ran into me.” They charged him with damaging the police cruiser.

Before arresting him, the two officers reportedly checked the block for surveillance cameras before arresting Jackson for destruction of city property, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. However, he was only charged with unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle because he had a suspended license. This was based on their claim that Jackson has the keys in the ignition when the crash occurred.

As we have seen in past abusive arrests, the charges were later dropped but not after Jackson spent the night in jail and had to appear repeatedly in court over the course of six months.

Despite the videotape, there is no record of the officers being disciplined or fired. Being terminated would seem just the starting point if these charges are proven. The question is why the officers have not been charged themselves with making false statements to hide their accident and imprison an innocent man.

Source: NY Post

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  1. brady,

    The ruling you are referring to, Briscoe v. LaHue, said that police officers have the exact same immunity as any other citizen for witness testimony. You can’t sue an individual citizen for damages for lying on the stand. You also can’t sue a police officer for the same. In both cases, the witness is subject to the criminal charge of perjury.

  2. And jack. You are the biggest moron of them all. I don’t know if it’s the lack of libraries near “yer park” or the dim light in your trailer preventing you from reading but you may be retarded. The last thing the public needs is everyone carrying a gun. You think cops will act differently if you are armed? Like they don’t deal with armed criminals all the time. Leave it to a tiny little twerp who’s been bullied his while life to think that carrying a gun will get him respect or instil fear. The cops would laugh at you. As for your “revolution” against the cops… Try getting off your lazy whining ass…stop talking about it..,and do it already. Being that cops get paid to train, most have combat experience either on the job or in the military, and they can legally own and carry whatever they want because they are trained to not mentioning the endless resources they have…you and your revolution wouldn’t even interrupt a coffee beak. What a clown. Just do us all a favor and warn us when you go off on your mental baby fit so we can all run to our local precinct for cover.

  3. Another moron heard from. What makes you think a Police Department needs PR? They have a job to do and they do it whether you like them or not. I take it you didn’t understand my prior post. The cops didn’t cite him. They arrested him because they were following procedure and NYS traffic law both which stated they had to. If they didn’t run the guys license or let him go knowing he had a suspended license THEN they would be in trouble. You will never read about these two cops getting in trouble because ThEY WONT. The only reason their IA department won’t punish them is because THEY CANT because the cops didn’t do anything wrong. I’m not going to argue every post that follows this so if you post expecting me to respond don’t. This may be the most ignorant, one sided, blinded by mis content for their own lives group I have ever seen. Are cops crooked? Yes there are rotten apples…cops such as these two I’m sure hate them as much as we all do. But just because the paper prints something or a criminal makes a false accusation doesn’t make it gospel. Like I said previously take an objective look at the video and you can see the accuser sitting in the driver seat if the vehicle before the cop car hits him. He states he was in the passenger seat and slid over to the driver seat after he was hit. Because he is obviously and blatantly lying about that makes everything else he states lack any truth or credibility. Use some common sense for gods sake people. I don’t know the two cops but my father was a cop in that area for 20yrs and is now retired. Regardless… The evidence is the evidence.

  4. I have wasted my time reading every post on here. You morons believe the papers? Here’s the facts… Cops were going to an assault with a knife. They clipped the SUV. Cops saw break lights on the SUV blink causing them to think possibly the SUV was moving. Cops check for video to verify whether it not truck moved. No video angle of accident available so cops take the blame for the accident in the official paperwork. Cops only charge suspended license because in NYS if your sitting behind the wheel(which is obvious if u watch the video… Guys white pants are visible threw driver side window the whole time)with keys in ignition you are considered driving even in park. NYS accident policy is all drivers involved in accidents licenses are checked for validity. Guys license is suspended. He goes to jail. End of story. Way to go blaming the cops who put their lives on the line every day for brainless idiots who believe the irresponsible reporting from a non fact checking liberal idiot. You should all insert your feet in your faces now.

    1. Who runs into a man’s vehicle, then cites him? The cops had a great PR opportunity here, but pissed it away, embarrassing their own department, besmirching the reputation of every decent police officer out there. You missed a PR opportunity yourself!

  5. Apparently, Police Chiefs around the country either condone or tolerate lying by their thugs. I have no doubt that ALL cops lie and are directed to do so because the “system” supports their abusive disregard for the public. Why can a cop, having been found guilty (or even, charged), of domestic abuse, carry a firearm yet, a civilian, convicted similarly cannot? Double standards and injustice have become the American way! It’s long past time to resist tyranny by whatever means necessary. If all citizens carried firearms, the cops’ attitudes would be remarkably more polite and perhaps, they would return to their original purpose, i.e., to “protect and serve” the public rather than to “intimidate, dominate and incarcerate” for the criminals in charge! I look forward to the day the revolution pits the cops and other LE against the American public…payback’s gonna be a bitch!

  6. I can believe it. The cops here in Northern KY are still basically honest. They busted my brother for DUI by holding up his open beer can to their camera, and he blew a 0.011. Bad mistake on his part. We haven’t had any outrage about bad cops around here, but can’t say the same about city, county, or state cops in Ohio. Corruption is spreading.

  7. As long as Briscoe v LaHue 460 US 325 stands as Supreme Court holding, police will be immune from lying under oath on the witness stand. IMMUNE. That is why they do it. ALL JURIES should know of this case, and that the court battle is already tilted IN FAVOR OF the lying cops. Do YOU have a Supreme Court ruling granting YOU the right to lie under oath on the witness stand to protect YOU? Of course you don’t, and that is why there is no EQUAL access to the law.

  8. When the Police are more corrupt than the ‘General population’ …. Who can we trust & depend on to enforce the law?

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