9 thoughts on “There Is No Way You Are Leaving Without Saying Goodbye”

  1. Not only dogs-when it’s time for me to go to work, my cat Nadia will often lay down in front of the door…

  2. Dogs are superb @ finding the perfect vantage point, something I appreciate from doing surveillance for decades. Your vantage point is critical.

  3. My dog who was a Belgian shepherd Tervuren would turn her head away when I tried to give her a goodbye kiss before I left on a trip. She hated it when I put on my uniform. I think she must have been a least part Jewish mother. The GUILT was so much to bear.

  4. Dear Professor…. your dog pictures are good enough to melt the hardest heart. Thank you…. I had a German Sheppard puppy way back in 1972.

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