Give Up And Just Fork Over The Treats

Qg5u801I am convinced that the real reason for the Russian invasion in the Ukraine are rivaling claims to this puppy . . . and the world now understands that there can be no compromise and that war is inevitable.

Of course, Putin insists that the puppy is an ethnic Russian and threatened by other puppies over his cultural heritage.

Source: Reddit

9 thoughts on “Give Up And Just Fork Over The Treats”

  1. TJI (this just in) from the Brits:

    Vladimir Putin ruled out war with Ukraine on Tuesday, but also reserved the right to use force “as a last resort” days after his forces took control of the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea.

    Breaking his silence for the first time since the revolution in Ukraine toppled Viktor Yanukovych, Putin denounced the takeover as an unconstitutional coup d’etat, insisted Yanukovych was still the legitimate head of state, although he declared him politically dead, and said he would not recognise presidential elections being held in Ukraine at the end of May.

    (Guardian). Which sounds similar to the Venezuelan coup dynamics (Dissenter). Oily addictions eh?

  2. JT is correct that “whose puppy is it anyway” can cause possession wars.

    Enter Solomon with his “cut it in two and give each one half.”

    Just to stir the pot to see what rises to the surface.

  3. If a guy has problems talking w/ women he just needs to get a puppy like this one. They’re chick magnets.

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