16 thoughts on “Rounding Up The Usual Suspects”

  1. Hoosker, the border collie is smart enough to have framed the Retriever, but they’re too loyal and guileless to have done it.

  2. Perry Mason: “isn’t it true Mr. Border Collie that you cleaned the dirt off yourself and then carefully painted mud and dirt on that innocent, loving, Retrievere?”
    Border Collie: Yes, yes, I admit it. I did it for the doggie treats.”

  3. Something must be happing on your browser/computer, carol, I put no links in my comment, and see none in my comment at all, or in yours.

  4. Bill H., I clicked on the red ‘begin’ and instead of seeing a picture of cats, as expected, I was taken to a survey with a ‘prize’. Was your comment hijacked?

  5. Dogs always admit guilt, even when not yet accused. Cats, not so much. Cats either deny that anything happened to begin with, or admit that it happened but assert their right to have done it.

  6. He pleads innocent as he did not do the alleged crime; the crime did him.

    The unusual weather conditions vortexed the ‘dirt devil’ -similar to the upward vertical motion of dust devils.

    In fact, this dog saved property and person by sacrificing his clean paws and snout. No apology necessary but my client will graciously accept treats and a bigger share of your bed.

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