Fashion Show Destroyed After Contestant Responds Violently To Judge’s Decision

Screen-Shot-2013-03-01-at-1.19.00-PMYouTube was posted a bizarre melee that erupted at a fashion show and competition where tables and chairs became weapons between disgruntled onlookers. One woman, showing remarkable strength, actually tosses a huge table across the room. What is fascinating is that not a single criminal charge was filed despite the clear video and evidence of assault and public disturbance.

The brawl started when one contestants was peeved by a judge’s decision and threw a chair at the Charlotte, North Carolina event called the “NC Awards Ball.” Some weapons are shown including a taser and an unknown blunt object. Calls to police included one warning that “It’s escalating! He has a sword and an axe!”

The absence of charges is baffling. One would have thought that the contestant, who obviously is known by name as a participant, would be subject to a charge. Yet, an entire event can be trashed and not a single arrest made?

It turns out that fashion felonies are not uncommon even among professionals (here and here)

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  1. I am amazed no one else noticed. Quite obviously, this is a Chicago Bears tryout. Unable to win any other way, the throwing of tables and chairs constitutes much of their new playbook.

  2. Wow, that woman is strong and I love her ever-so-fashionable outfit.

  3. This could’ve easily been a bunch of white, Asian or other racial group, DavidFl. You seem to have a chip on your shoulder, judging your knee-jerk reaction. That large woman surely knows how to throw a thing or two; very impressive.

  4. I know that this might seem counter-intuitive but events such as this are not easy to prosecute. And I can tell you that from experience, unless there is a significant amount of damage or someone suffering injury these cases typically go nowhere.

    The most common charge and one that one would think would be a slam dunk would be the disorderly conduct crime. Unfortunately for this crime in many jurisdictions it is a misdemeanor subject to the officers being present in order to arrest without a warrant. In getting the warrant or PC to arrest, depending on the state, one would have to have evidence and statements from witnesses. It has been my experience that in a melee case not involving actual injury or significant damage witnesses are not usually willing to sign a sworn statement because they want to just go home and not want to go to court. Moreover unless the jurisdiction has a mutual combat ordinance (where the law is violated simply by two or more persons fighting and not requiring a victim who is willing to press charges) the simple assault generally is not one that people are willing to testify to injury. There might not have been someone willing to come forth and want to press charges, and that is typical in a situation like this.

    From a practical point the police / prosecutors have to look at how many resources are going to be tied up to a case where there was no significant injury or property damage. Ones like this with a great many people involved and having to dissect the video (which does not have the entire event recorded) takes much time to match IDs and categorize the events. All of this for at best a disorderly conduct charge and faced with witnesses unlikely to come forward. The prosecutor is likely to toss this out and the police know this ahead of time.

    Again, I only know the facts as presented by the video. If there was an actual ADW involved it would change things.

  5. Has anyone come out of the box that white policemen said to themselves, “It’s just niggers beatin’ on niggers, why stop em’?” Now, that is a possibility.

  6. This blog does not focus on black crime. There are archives here DavidFL, and it is proven by FACTS, not knee jerk comments.

  7. Sounds like a place even the cops were afraid to go. I know how they feel. We have places in Alabama that black people are afraid to go.

  8. David FL… That is NOT a fair statement, and if you really follow this blog you know it.

  9. I’m not disagreeing with that one nick…. It’s kinda crazy that something or someone didn’t get arrested….

  10. I don’t understand why there would not have been arrests? Disturbing video!

  11. I guess blacks have a greater tolerance of motion compared to white folks. This was a spontaneous protest, not a brawl. Perhaps the protest was justified and if so, why make arrests as most people seem to be taking off.

  12. American Idiot, see the new season now! More violence! More ignorance! Less empathy! Less emotional control! See those who are incapable of rational thought or action! Don’t miss a single disturbing episode. American Idiot is brought to you by our proud sponsors the American education complex and poor parenting nationwide!

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