Fashion Show Destroyed After Contestant Responds Violently To Judge’s Decision

Screen-Shot-2013-03-01-at-1.19.00-PMYouTube was posted a bizarre melee that erupted at a fashion show and competition where tables and chairs became weapons between disgruntled onlookers. One woman, showing remarkable strength, actually tosses a huge table across the room. What is fascinating is that not a single criminal charge was filed despite the clear video and evidence of assault and public disturbance.

The brawl started when one contestants was peeved by a judge’s decision and threw a chair at the Charlotte, North Carolina event called the “NC Awards Ball.” Some weapons are shown including a taser and an unknown blunt object. Calls to police included one warning that “It’s escalating! He has a sword and an axe!”

The absence of charges is baffling. One would have thought that the contestant, who obviously is known by name as a participant, would be subject to a charge. Yet, an entire event can be trashed and not a single arrest made?

It turns out that fashion felonies are not uncommon even among professionals (here and here)

23 thoughts on “Fashion Show Destroyed After Contestant Responds Violently To Judge’s Decision”

  1. One woman was angry, a couple of people got in the way of her anger, no one seems to be hurt, minor damage, some light hearted observers. Let’s all go home.

    Good judgement call by the cops. (Did I really have the opportunity to say that?)

  2. Lrobby, I think the big girl might be able to protect Cutler better than anyone they currently have. But of course, then there’s the fact that you’re protecting a QB who is just going to throw it to the other team..FOR THE NEXT SIX YEARS!

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