10 thoughts on “OK, This Is Just Creepy”

  1. Do you know where I’ve been…. Is the look…. Do you know what I can do…. Is the question…..

  2. I think this kitten just realized it’s rather nice ‘up there’ – you can see so much more what is going on in this house !! Cute !!

  3. My lifelong (so far) observations of the families of felidae, canidae, and hominidae, strongly suggest to me that the members of all three of those families plausibly have mirror neuron systems.

    Therefore, people can be copycats and cats can be copypeoples, just as people can work doggedly at solving a challenging problem, and people can be in the doghouse much as dogs can be in the peoplehouse.

    I shall not mention women who have been labeled, “catty.”

    Oops! (Mea culpa omnem modum excedunt?)

    Didn’t study or otherwise learn something of Latin? There is Google Translate, for those who find it useful to unrlddle Latin.

    (“Mea culpa omnem modum excedunt.” = “My fault is unbounded?” ???)???

    Mirror neuron systems can do wondrous things, they sometimes can copy almost any error with negligible error in the copying process.

    Do people find it creepy to be accurately reflected, the better to see themselves without distortion?

    Narcissus and Echo?

  4. Darren, We’re members of the San Diego zoo and I always stop to watch the meerkats, and especially the kids watching the meerkats. We were @ the monkey exhibit a few weeks ago and a monkey peed on another monkey. The parents were embarrassed. The kids laughed, as did myself and my wife. Gotta embrace that inner child. I was going to say, “Hey, some people pay good money for that,” but I bit my tongue.

  5. Most cats are more talented than we give them credit for. I’m constantly surprised by how intelligent all of mine are. But, “creepy”? Why?

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