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  1. http://sourcesandsecrets.com/

    “Please join us on March 21 for a free conference centering on the divide between the government and the press over national security. A wide range of speakers and panel members will examine the legal basis and scope of actions by the Obama administration that have hampered the work of journalists and offer administration representatives an opportunity to present their case for secrecy. Limited seats available.

    First Amendment attorneys discuss The Long Arm of the Law

    Reporters talk about the Perils of Covering National Security

    Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras and Barton Gellman are interviewed
    about The Snowden Revelations

    Senator Schumer and a panel discuss the
    Prospects for a Federal Shield Law

    Editors and publishers present ideas for the future in

    Where do we go from here?”

    “Awake yet”?

    Nancy Pelosi: When Legislators Take on the CIA, ‘They Come After You’
    A powerful legislator on the costs of properly overseeing the intelligence community


    “Awake yet”?

  2. For those of us dog owners, this pose is seen as a smile. But for those who fear dogs, it is seen as being aggressive. They are the ones who really need to wake up!

  3. mine just stares at me and when I wake up rolls over as if to say, “belly rub”

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