Man Allegedly Threatens Neighbor With Ax For Stealing Underwear

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

Ax BladeA 51-year-old Puyallup, Washington man was reportedly charged with harassment Thursday after allegedly threatening to cut his neighbor’s “nuts off” with an ax for, in part, stealing his underwear.

According to the charging documents filed with Pierce County Superior Court, the victim was outside his home around 4 p.m. Wednesday when Daniel Urton yelled across the yard to him, asking if he had his car keys. When the victim told Urton he didn’t know what he was talking about, Urton fetched an ax from his house and started walking toward the victim, according to the charging documents.

The victim asked Urton what he was doing, and Urton reportedly replied, “I am going to cut your nuts off” and, “I’m going to…kill you.”

The victim went inside and called 911, telling the dispatcher he felt threatened and thought Urton would hurt him with the ax .

When Pierce County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrived, they saw Urton walking in the street with a woman who turned out to be his sister. They arrested Urton, who reportedly told officers he had two knifes on him (though deputies could only find one).

Revenge of the Nerds PosterAccording to the charging documents, Urton told deputies the victim had his car keys, was stealing his underwear and was hiding secret cameras inside his home. Urton admitted to walking toward the victim’s home with an ax, according to the charging documents. When asked why, he reiterated, “I was going to cut his nuts off.”

While many college students feel sorority panty raids are a harmless gag, it would be certainly unwise to try it at fraternities in Puyallup.

By Darren Smith

Source: KOMO News

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11 thoughts on “Man Allegedly Threatens Neighbor With Ax For Stealing Underwear”

  1. It’s an amusing story instead of a tragic one because there were no guns involved thus no one died or felt compelled to stand their ground.

  2. But was he hiding secret cameras in his underwear? I thought that was the NSA’s job!

  3. Or, raff, you could refrain from stealing underwear while in Puyallup. I’m sure that the temptation posed by a pair of tighty-whiteys flapping in the breeze must be strong, but you’ll just have to learn to control yourself. 🙂

  4. Wow! Pretty severe penalty for theft of underwear! Remind me to stay out of Puyallop!

  5. This may be an insanity defense case.

    RCW 10.77.050 (Mental incapacity as bar to proceedings)

    “No incompetent person shall be tried, convicted, or sentenced for the commission of an offense so long as such incapacity continues.”

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